Video: Shateria Moragne Shares Personal Story At Table Of 20 Event

Video: Shateria Moragne Shares Personal Story At Table Of 20 Event

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Yasss bae, give us life! Ha!

Fashion designer and owner of Front Row clothing, Shateria Moragne, was in Atlanta this past weekend and I was one out of the 20 individuals that were invited to hear her share her personal story and testimony. If you follow this brown bombshell on Instagram you already know she slays but doesn’t speak much which leaves us wanting to know more about her. She has been almost a mystery up until now.

The Table Of 20 Event was held this past Saturday by the BFirm PR at Neiman Marcus in the Lenox Mall. Very upscale, chic and exclusive brunching experience. While we waited for our entrees to come out Shateria told us stories about her hair. You were probably thinking that muva was being styled and colored by some celebrity styling hair gawd if so, you were wrong. She actually grew up in a hair salon so she knows a thing or two about the hair industry. Her mother is a stylist and has been doing her hair for most of her life but she admits that when her mother isn’t around she colors and styles her hair with a $20 old school curling iron. Who knew?

With a drink in one hand and phone in the other, I honed in as Shateria shared her journey and secrets to success. I was able to capture some footage before my phone ran out of storage. HA!

Peep the excerpts below.

On what she was doing before fashion:

I used to be a choreographer. I used to teach dance classes and everything like that. And I was like you know what? I’m going to start a T-shirt line.

Living in Miami somewhat shifted the original idea of just t-shirts and inspired the Baltimore native’s high end clothing line. Due to the hot temperatures and beaches in Miami, it’s no secret that the women like to walk around in their bikinis. With the clothing line which was originally supposed to be called Broken Zippers, Shateria wanted to send the message that it’s okay to have clothes on and still be cute. Months later she was showing Front Row clothing during New York Fashion Week.

You can’t come up in here with no t-shirts. They gone be like ‘oh okay, next!’. So I showed at New York Fashion Week. I promise you, people that I care for most were so against me showing in New York Fashion Week. “You’re not ready” “This just happened for you” “I don’t think you’re ready, try next year”. And I was like okay, mind you I’m a very private person so when I come up with something and write my ideas its all within me. It’s not me telling the world. I believe that when you include people its just too many signals. I mean I’m a pisces I’m already overthinking everything. “They not gone like it” “What if the zipper’s not right” “What if the colors are wack”. I don’t need you and you and you in my mind because then it will never get done.

On the response after her first runway show at New York Fashion Week:

So people that were close to me and telling me “You’re not ready” “Fashion week is too big”, I’m an up north girl it’s not too big for me! Im going to take my talent to New York and we gone rock. And that’s just what it’s going to be. So I showed in NYFW and when I tell you, it was so crazy. It was so amazing it was a hit, ever since that day. And the people that were against me, that night called and was like “OMG I’m so proud of you” “OMG you did so good”, straight on me. I was like for real? Really? Oh okay! So if I had to give any advice it would be do not listen to people around you.

On being an African American woman in a Caucasian dominated industry:

I really feel like as an African-American woman, there are so many Caucasian women that do this. We out here too! And it’s fine cause we’re gonna’ get it and I love that cause I’m a part of that. I am a brown girl forever! And I think that it’s just amazing. So when I see other women doing their thing it really does inspire me.

On how important legacy is:

… If you never try it then you’ll never become anything and your legacy will just be like, BLAH. You’ll just die and be a person that was here. Who wants to do that? Legacy is so important to me. You want to leave this earth with a mark.

On the biggest lesson she’s learned thus far in her career, being kind:

I promise the world is this small. You gotta’ be kind to everybody even if you don’t wanna’ be. Because they might be the sister to the  person that you may need for something.

Watch the footage below.

The event which was sponsored by Sweet Bitch Wine, Snazzy Events and Minx Diva Nails, was a success! You can be a part of Erica Dias’s next Table Of 20 event. Be sure to follow Table Of 20 on Instagram for more info.

Check out the gallery below to see photos from the event.

Footage And Photo Cred: Erick Robinson

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