Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down At Paul Walker’s Crash Site

Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down At Paul Walker’s Crash Site

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By now, fans have learned that Paul Walker will be laid to rest after the tragic accident that caused his death this past weekend. Fast and The Furious actor was riding shotgun in a red Porsche when the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a tree. The car instantly lit up into flames and killed both Paul and the driver.

Yesterday, Paul’s fellow Fast and The Furious cast mate Tyrese Gibson broke down at Paul’s crash site in Santa Clarita. Tyrese took a piece of the car wreckage home with him in remembrance of Paul and later he tweeted:

I will keep your energy with me forever #AshesOfAnAngel fast family around the world, we live you and we love you. Paul is the heartbeat of this franchise and we’re gonna see it that his energy presence lives on forever #myhearthurtssobad

See footage below.


What’s even sadder is the clip below which features Tyrese and Paul in a funeral scene from Fast and The Furious 7. In the clip Tyrese turns to Paul and says, “Promise me Brian, no more funerals” Paul responds, “Just one more.” Watch it below.

Tyrese also posted a clip of the cast singing Happy Birthday to Paul on his Instagram.

So sad. Prayers go out to Paul’s friends and family members as well as the driver who lost his life.



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