Tameka Raymond Talks Custody Battle On Good Morning America

This morning Tameka Raymond sat down with Good Morning America and spoke out on the ongoing custody battle between she and Usher. Their son Cinco was released from the hospital on Sunday, after his scary pool occurrence and is doing fine.

After the pool incident Tameka explains that she and her lawyer filed for an emergency custody hearing because she didn’t want her son going back into the same house (Usher’s house) that the incident occurred in. Tameka says, “I don’t blame Usher but I’m angry it happened on his watch. Never have my children been injured on my watch.” When she received the call Tameka says she was at a dentist appointment but she immediately jumped up and answered the call and when she found out what happened it felt like she relived the death of her son Kile all over again, who died in a jet ski accident last year.

It was like I relived it. My brain just went into all these modes. I even said on the phone I’ve gotten this call before.

When she was asked about having to be tested for a psychological mental disorder she said, “Yes, I am being retested. You would think that from hearing that (she) must be beating them or selling crack, etc.”

Tameka said all she wants from this situation is for her children to come home to her when Usher is out of town, “I don’t want them to go home with the nanny and watch whatever show their dad is on. They should be home with their mom.”

Watch it below.


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