Tamar Braxton Talks Being Bullied As A Child And Having A Strong Personality With Flaunt Magazine

Tamar Braxton Talks Being Bullied As A Child And Having A Strong Personality With Flaunt Magazine


Chileeeee Tamar just gave us all types of life!

The singer posed for Flaunt Magazine in a red and black sweater, black leather shorts, fishnet stockings and two toned ankle boots. Tamar wore a blonde Marilyn Monroe inspired wig which gave the look just the vintage touch that it needed. Tamar also took a few dope black and white shots.

After the shoot, Tamar sat down with Flaunt for an exclusive interview. Inside she dished on what its like being a woman with such a strong personality, how she was bullied as a child, the inspiration behind her Love and War album and more. Check it out below.

You say you’re very honest on your show. Does being filmed change the way you approach your life?
Sometimes I wish it did. I’m a lot better because I am working on my filter, but before I had absolutely none. I was just one hundred percent raw and I found that wasn’t the best thing for me because I really do love my family, and I would say things thinking I was helping, and I was hurting their feelings. I can watch myself and learn from my mistakes. Then I’m on the phone with my sisters all day trying to apologize and they don’t want to hear it.

Is it difficult sometimes to be a woman with a very strong personality?
The upside is that people can always go to you for the truth, right? The downside to that is that sometimes it can come off as offensive, like I said. Or people can take things the wrong way, or people just get plain old tired of me being honest. It can get irritating sometimes because of the way it comes off.

A lot of people love you, though. What do you want your fans to know about you?
I don’t like to call them fans; I like to call them my Tamartian friends because I’ve never really had friends before.

Why do you think that is?
I was guarded. I didn’t want to be made fun of. So I had to accept myself. It becomes attractive to other people once you accept yourself. I have vitiligo, right? I used to sit on my hands all of the time. Now, “Hot Sugar” is the first video that I haven’t color-corrected. It’s the first time I’ve accepted myself for who I really am, flaws and all.

What inspired the “Hot Sugar” video? There are a lot of men in leather kilts.
I thought it was brilliant. A lot of people are close-minded. It’s okay for men to dance in kilts! So what? It’s fashion, kids. There is life outside of your living room. It’s up to us—us being people who have seen the world and been around the world—to show you. How else are you going to see it?

Why did you get back into music after 13 years?
I really wanted to make my first album to be as transparent as I am, and it wasn’t something that was accepted. Stars back then were very laidback and you didn’t know about their personal lives. I felt like my first album was like a karaoke album. I couldn’t sing the songs I wanted to sing. So, I think that was what drove my hunger to have a record that I can finally be myself and write the songs that I want to write. It was a big step for who I am.

What inspired you to write “Love and War”?
The first season of Tamar and Vince [Vince and I] went through a lot in our relationship. We call ourselves Velcro because from the moment we decided we were going to be together, we’ve been together every single day. When Vince got sick, our relationship changed. We started going through a lot of relationship problems and communication problems. When I was writing “Love and War,” it wasn’t a negative space, but it was an honest space. This was the first time I had experienced not just love but passion. There’s a difference between love and passion, and I didn’t know that.

What is the difference between love and passion for you?
Passion is a lot like lust, except it’s real. Passion is real because the other person feels the same way about you. It’s not one-sided. When you argue, it’s passionate, because you want to get your point across but you also want the other person to understand you, so you can get back to the love. Nobody told me about that either. I had to learn that for myself.

What do you think changed the social climate so that you could be more open in your songs?
Social media, number one. People get on Twitter and go HAM nation. Even still now, it’s HAM nation under God with liberty and justice for all. But now I’ve started something with my Tamartian fans where we are really trying to be shade-free because cyberbullying has become something that is out of control. I was bullied as a kid, and so for me to get on social media and still have that is a problem for me.

Why do you think you were bullied?
Are you kidding me? I walked different, I had a different attitude, and I was picked on because I wasn’t like everybody else. You have to accept that about yourself. I think especially for women it’s important because it’s so hard for us. If we just accept ourselves for who we are, it’s so much more attractive and then other people notice. Like, “Her skin is so bad but she doesn’t give a hot fuck!” Then they stop looking at you!

What’s next for you?
We just got picked up for The Braxtons season four. I’m really excited about that. Hopefully The Real gets picked up. I go on tour tomorrow with John Legend. I’m obsessed with him, and he didn’t know it until I started giving interviews. He asked for me even before I had my album out, and that was really special to me, because I respect him so much.

Check out the rest of the photos from the shoot below.

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