You may have recognized the name Lee Mazin based off of her catchy hot single titled “Back it Up” which is featured on her latest album LOVE LEE. If you have yet to hear about this fiery rap artist you may want to “Back it up” LITERALLY because this 21 year old South Philly native is about to take the hip hop game by storm !

Lee Mazin is Philly’s female rap artist of the year 2 time in a row award winner and she is the 1st lady of Meek Mill’s very own Dream Chaser Records all while  just starting her rap career at the age of 19 (can you say young and getting it ). Lee is also very active in her community and is playing an extremely positive role in the lives of young girls.

Lee and I sat down briefly and chatted about everything from music to whether this HAUTE new artist is in a relationship or not. She dishes on the dream team being in the studio, what we can expect to hear in 2013 and spills the tea on how she met Meek Mill. She also gives great advice to young females chasing their dreams.

Check out our discussion below.

On what was the inspiration behind her rap career
I was in college, I was in my 1st year and college and I always played around like freestyling with my girlfriends and I never really took it serious til I went out 1 night and somebody started making a beat and I started freestyling and they recorded it and they put it on the internet and I got like a little bit of attention from it.  So I start getting calls like yo do a song with me you know from like local guys around the neighborhood and I’m like I don’t rap and they like but yo I seen the thing you did and it was hot and I’m like nah I don’t rap but I finally did a track with somebody and like the 1st time I stepped into the studio in the booth it was like the best feeling ever and so I knew that that was what I wanted to do at that time.

On whether or not she attended Delaware State University
Yeah I went to Del Sate . I was there “09-10″.

On what Lee Mazin brings to the hip hop game
A bunch of Versatility. I don’t stick in a box I’m very versatile with what I do that’s pertaining to my style my music EVERYTHING. I’m big on the female movement I think that the female unity is not in the hip hop game no more like you can have 5 males on 1 track and it can be a successful track but when you try to do it with females it’s not too successful so I want to bring that unity back to the hip hop game.

On what role she plays in the lives of young females
I actually have a wide range kid fan base ummm I do a lot for the kids. I try to do something every holiday for the kids like last easter I did free curls for pretty little easter curls. We brought them down to the hair salon and did an Easter egg hunt and everybody got their hair done for free. Thanksgiving we always do the Turkey Drive and I do alot with the schools between elementary, middle schools and high schools going to them just talking positivity and you know just encouraging them because it’s not a lot for kids to do no more, so to know that I’m somebody’s role model  I want to make sure that I’m playing the right role. I’m real big on the kids.

On what was the inspiration behind her latest mixtape Love Lee
Ummm well we was recording tracks and I had 2 shows back to back 1 weekend and both shows we thinking of a name to name the mixtape and in both shows I got like random people or a person that’ll just be like we love Lee and I’m like love lee love lee and it got catchy and I’m like ay yo lets name the mixtape Love Lee and we just ran with it but umm my 1st mixtape was entitled simpleeamazin and I think I was more so excited to put something out cause I had just started and it was my 1st year so I just threw a whole bunch of tracks on 1 cd and went and sold it at corners and went to the mixtape store. So with the 2nd mixtape I wanted to show a bunch of my versatility so selecting the tracks had to be the hardest thing with the whole mixtape. I had my whole team in the studio and we was going through the tracks we was arguing, debating, everything so umm it showed a splash of my versatility but the next mixtape is what’s definitely going to set me a part from the rest.

On how she met Meek Mill
I actually knew Meek before I was doing music from his “In my bag days”. I grew up around them in South Philly so umm once I started doing music he always showed me love everytime I was around him, he introduced me to people, schooled me to stuff that he you know learned coming up and you know we just kept bumping into each other and he like yo you grinding you remind me of myself like you got the same ambition I had when I had when I was coming up. We had bumped into him in Atlanta and we rocked with him he had a show, the Dreams and Nightmares tour, and he like yo umm I want you to open up for the show in Philly and I did I opened up for both sold out shows and ummm we just went from there we just clicked and started making good music and we just went from there.

On  whether she feels like she has a lot of responsibility and a lot to prove being the 1st and only Lady on Dream Chaser Records
I mean definitely but that comes with the game in general. You know females always get under looked because we are females so we gotta always step it up a level to show that we can run it just how yall  can run it. But you know the whole movement they all show me love and I’m kind of the spoiled 1 because I am the only female, so it’s a little bit of both.

On whether the Dream Team is working on anything
Definitely, A LOT. The whole year is our year so be on the look out for everything. Everything you can think of is gone be, it’s a Dream Chaser’s year.

On whether she’s single
Yessssssssssss . (unquote- she is single wink wink fellas)

On what type of guys she particularly dates and what she looks for in a guy
Ummm somebody that match me you gotta have the same ambition that I have. I’m not gone deal with nobody who you know don’t have goals and you know things they wanna accomplish in life like myself so yeah I don’t really have a preference but as long as you, you know motivated and you not sitting around on your behind all day we good.

On what advice she would give to any female trying to pursue a rap career or career in general
Just be you. Don’t let nobody change you like I get told everyday what I should do or what I shouldn’t do or change this or rap like her and dress like this and I just remain true to myself cause once you take yourself out of it, it’s no more fun. It’s like your just doing it to do it so just stay true to yourself and don’t let nobody stop you. It’s a rough rough rough rough road but you can’t let nobody stop you. You just gotta keep going like you gotta want it. YOU GOTTA WANT IT !!!

Check out Lee Mazin’s club BANGING single below  “Back It Up” produced by Dj Diamond Kutz

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