Sexy Girl On Girl Talk: Erica Mena And Cyn Santana Talk Being Lesbians, Who’s Better In Bed And More On Hot 97

Sexy Girl On Girl Talk: Erica Mena And Cyn Santana Talk Being Lesbians, Who’s Better In Bed And More On Hot 97

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Girls kissing girls, cause its hot right!

Since this season of Love and Hip Hop has aired, folks have been questioning whether Erica Mena and Cyn Santana’s relationship was genuine or if they’re just posing as a couple for ratings. Despite the fact that we’ve watched the two express some serious emotions on television the two ladies sat down with Ebro and Rosenberg of Hot 97 to further express their love for one another.

During the interview the two dished on how they met, who’s the man in the relationship, their sex life, Erica’s alter ego “Eackon”,  if they ever get jealous of one another, marriage, babies and so much more.  They even had a brief make out session.

Peep the excerpts.

On whether or not their relationship is real:

Rosenberg: I don’t know. I don’t know if I believe it fully. Erica I know you love yourself so you found someone who looks like you to make out with.

Cyn: That’s not what it is. We just happen to look a like.

Erica: I think it’s just because we’re always around each other. And I think it’s because you become what you eat. You know that saying.

On their sex life:

Rosenberg: Who’s better at eating?

Cyn: She is! She’s the aggressive one!  She’s very experienced.

Erica: (laughing) I’m passionate I take my time.

Cyn: I’m very passionate too! She’s just way more experienced and I’m still stuck in my comfort zone

On whether or not they are lesbians:

Cyn: We’re not lesbians. We love di-k too.

Cyn: I’ve like kissed girls before, I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. She basically harassed me. I was pinned to the wall and I had no other fuc-ing choice.

Erica: I had to put in a lot of man hours for her.

Ebro: Would you get married?

Erica: Yes, in Jersey.

Cyn: It has to be legal.

Rosenberg: You’re not going to tell us you’re not lesbians and then consider marriage, come on.

Erica: See you guys are putting a label on it. I hate that.

Ebro: So is it fear of the label?

Cyn: If I cared, I would have never ever ever have done the show.

Erica: Once they put you in like a label category it just haunts you. Yo Ebro. You’re sounding… you’re thinking about it too much. You sound mad old.

Ebro: Most people who fall in love with each other and when it’s same sex, it’s a gay relationship or lesbian whatever.

Erica: So you’re in love with your baby mom’s right?

Ebro: I love her.

Erica: So you wouldn’t sit up here and be like ‘Oh, I’m a straight man’ and run with that. ‘I’m a straight man, I’m going to get married.’ It’s the same thing.

Rosenberg: It’s an interesting point. I hear what she’s saying. It’s not a part of labeling unless it’s same sex.

Erica: You only get labelled when it’s like the same and that’s so annoying.

Watch the full interview below.

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