Rihanna’s Father Speaks Out On Rih’s Relationship With Melissa And Chris Brown

Rihanna’s Father Speaks Out On Rih’s Relationship With Melissa And Chris Brown


There aren’t too many days that go by that Rihanna isn’t attached to her bestie Melissa Forde.’s hip. The pair takes friendship to a whole new level while dressing alike and holding hands during public outings.

Despite their obvious love for one another Poppa Fenty is so not here for this bestie duo and thinks Melissa is leeching off of his daughter. During a recent interview with Daily Mail, Ronald had this to say about Melissa:

...There’s a worry in the back of my head with her friends, even some of her family.’

One thing that annoys him is some of the large entourage of so-called friends she surrounds herself with.

He recalled a shopping trip in London with Rihanna and a group of friends where he watched them all buy stuff for themselves with her money.

He said: ‘What’s the name of that place, that very expensive place, Harrods. We going in there and I just see her friends, stocking up on shoes like crazy. Parasites – whatever you want to call them – that need to go and have their own life.’

Ronald doesn’t like Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde who grew up with her in Barbados and seems to constantly be by her side as she travels the world.

He said:

‘If it was me she would have to go, if I had anything to do with it she would have to go.

‘She’s the one who goes shopping and everything.

‘I think Melissa should be old enough to be able to stand on her own two feet, of course come and visit her like the rest of her friends but she doesn’t need to be there all the time.

‘Monica says “but she helps Robyn pack her bags”, I said “Melissa don’t pack no bags sweetheart, I know that, so don’t give me that. I’ve been in the house. I said that’s a joke.’

In the past Ronald has expressed his love for Chris Brown while interviewing. Although Rih may have washed her hands with the relationship, Ronald has long forgiven Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown for assaulting her and openly admits he still has a big soft spot for him.


Revealing how Rihanna coldly blanked Chris when they were at a charity basketball game in August, he said: ‘I don’t know what their relationship is now. At the basketball, they just said “hi and hello”.

‘When we was going to the car park he was trying to talk with her but she turned and was talking to somebody else, so he came and talked to me and I had a picture with him. Afterwards Robyn said, “dad you really taking pictures with he though?”(sic).’

Although he has said in the past he would be happy for them to get back together, Ronald isn’t so sure now.

He said: ‘Let her do what she wants to do. This recycling thing don’t work for everything, people don’t ask me if I could go back with Ms Fenty.

‘Chris is a player, he ain’t ready for no one women yet, he ain’t ready. He’s a party guy.

‘When I see in the papers he’s in trouble, I think “Chris what the hell are you doing man?” The guy has got so much talent you know what I mean, to just screw up like that.

‘He can draw, he can do anything, man you give it to Chris he can do it great. He’s so talented.’

He said: ‘She says “dad can you believe I don’t have a man?” A beautiful woman like that don’t have a man, no I don’t believe it.

‘She needs to find the right man who’s compatible. She may be looking in the wrong direction, they don’t have to be in the entertainment business but that’s the people she’s meeting.’

On the pregnancy rumors that surfaced last week:

Shooting down the rumour, Ronald laughs: ‘No she’s not pregnant, but I want someone to start giving me grandchildren! Of course I want to be a grandfather. 

‘All my friends in their late 40s and 50s have got grandchildren, why not me?

‘She tell me she’s waiting on her sister Samantha. She’s 32 and married but has not had children yet.’


As you may or may not know, last week Rihanna held the first annual ball in honor of her late grandmother Dolly. Unfortunately Rih’s father Ronald showed up to the event drunk and had to be escorted out before the event even started. Read about it more here.


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