Rapper Troy Ave Sues Irving Plaza for Allowing Guns Into the Venue

Rapper Troy Ave Sues Irving Plaza for Allowing Guns Into the Venue

Troy Ave was given the green light by his lawyer Scott Leemon to sue concert venue Irving Plaza and promoter Live Nation on behalf of their security’s negligence, which ended with Ave getting shot in the leg and the murder of his bodyguard/friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

The “She Belongs to the Game” rapper has decided to file a lawsuit three months after the annihilation on May 25 during TI’s headlining concert for Irving Plaza’s lack of security and for not properly checking guests as they entered the venue. According to multiple sources Troy Ave allegedly believes the security of Irving Plaza’s lack of competence while working on the clock is the main reason a gun was able to enter the venue. Although the Brooklyn rapper was charged with attempted murder from a surveillance camera showing Ave firing a gun, that charge was later dropped and his lawyer insisted he took the gun from the man who killed his friend “Banga”.

The BSB rapper is presently out on a $500,000 bail with charges ranging from attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon. He was also ordered to wear an electronic ankle monitor, forced to stay in New York, and is prohibited from attending clubs, bars, arenas, and stadiums. Scott Leemon this week spoke to reporters in New York addressing the lawsuit stating,

What troubles me most is the misinformation that’s being sent out. The NYPD knows Troy didn’t shoot himself. They know Troy didn’t shoot his bodyguard. That man died a hero. And to imply anything that Troy actually would hurt his lifelong friend is absolutely insane and irresponsible. Troy Ave is the victim here. He did not bring a gun into this place. And we are seeking redress for the negligence.

Prayers up. Good luck with everything Troy!

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