Porsha Williams Admits That Kordell Stewart Physically Abused Her

Porsha Williams Admits That Kordell Stewart Physically Abused Her


Behind that pretty face there’s something really complicated!

On Friday newly divorced Porsha Williams dropped an unexpected bomb on the folks over at Access Hollywood. According to Porsha, she’s suffered from domestic abuse behind closed doors during the time she was married to Kordell. When the host Billy asked Porsha to tell him what happened she replied:

Abuse. Physical abuse.

Billy: Did he hit you?

Porsha: Yeah. There were several different occasions that this happened. When you’re in an abusive situation, it kind of just builds, and it starts to get worse and worse. And people ask me, why didn’t you tell anybody or call the police or what have you? I just thought that I could make it better. I honestly thought after each situation that I would change this or I would change that, and therefore the outcome wouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t work like that.

She continued:

I’m still realizing now that a lot of what happened, it wasn’t my fault.

When we were going through the divorce process, we had to sit in deposition hearing, and he didn’t deny it. A lot of women who are in situations like I was in, I wanted to make it better. I was praying every day. I was cooking. I was smiling. The outside appearance was as if nothing was happening. Even though you’re being abused, you still love that person, you’re just trying to love them through it. And you’re trying to pray them through it and you’re not realizing that you can’t change a person, they have to change themselves.

Amen to that!

After Porsha’s interview the host of Access Hollywood reached out to Kordell for him to confirm whether or not what Porsha was saying was true and he said:

I’ve never abused her. Never put my hands on her. Never

Watch the two-part interview below.


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