Part One Exclusive Interview: Po Johnson Talks New Album, Being In Love, Sex, Beyonce’s Album And More

Part One Exclusive Interview: Po Johnson Talks New Album, Being In Love, Sex, Beyonce’s Album And More


Fun, free spirited, full of life and full of spunk are just a few of the characteristics that makes up the beautiful Po Johnson. Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Po from La La’s Full Court Life for a one-on-one exclusive interview.

During the interview Po dished on topics such as her love and sex life as well as new music she has for us and how she feels about Bey’s latest album. She also let us know what we can expect from her during this upcoming season of La La’s Full Court Life.

Peep the excerpts below.

On her forthcoming album:

It feels like the album is old because I’ve been working on it for so long. It’s basically just a diary of everything I’ve experienced within the last decade being love, life, you know… sex, drugs, everything. But it’s a good album. It started off as one thing and as I grew it grew into something else. I tarted working on the project before the show so to hear the growth and the story it’s like a really good novel but not like a best seller just something you find on the shelf and say, “Damn this is a good book”.

On what it feels like to be in love:

It feels good. It always fees good to share certain intimate moments with. The sex is good, and we’re having sex on the regular, and she’s hot so it’s fun it’s fun. I wouldn’t say we’re ready to walk down the isle but we enjoy each other thoroughly.

Back in 2012 during an interview with Jack Thriller, Po said she wanted to create a visual album similar to what Beyonce’s latest album consisted of. When we asked how she felt about Bey’s album she said:

I think that what I had was a good idea I just didn’t have the things to put behind that idea and I can’t be mad at Bey for putting out that project it was great!

On whether or not she’s still going to do it:

Yeah I’ll do it. I’ll just do it in a different fashion. 

On what we can expect from her on this season of La La’s Full Court Life:

The show is cool because you’ve been able to grow with us as characters. Last season was very personal it was a lot about my dad and money and everything that I was going through. This season is actually the triumph from those stories before ya know. Me and my dad have a really good relationship, I’m fuc-ing, ummm like last season I was single. I don’t know if I can give too much away because I’m not supposed to but things are on the up and up ….

Watch the full interview below.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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