Over At 106 & Park: Tyra Banks Plants A Huge Kiss On Bow Wow’s Lips

Tyra Banks had Bow Wow’s little hormones in a frenzy yesterday on 106 & Park.

Before the interviewing even began, Tyra and Bow Wow wanted to remind folks of the kiss that took place on the Tyra Show a while back. When Tyra had her show she invited Bow Wow on the show after he had been pressing her on twitter non-stop. Tyra said, “He wanted to know what them lips taste like, back in the day when I had a talk show, and I let him know what them lips tasted like.” Yesterday was no different as the two remixed it for the audience.

After showing the clip of the last kiss, Tyra went in for the kill. She scooted over closer to Bow Wow, wrapped her legs around him and gave the 106 & Park host a run for his money. What started off as a peck turned into some real kissing action. Bow Wow was super shocked. Ha!

Get into the kiss below.

Watch Bow Wow’s reaction backstage after the kiss below.

In case you missed their kiss from the Tyra Show, watch it below.

Photo Credit-Getty Images

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