Mimi And Nikko On Sex Tape Critics: Joseline Is Just Jealous, Stevie J. Isn’t Relevant, Mimi Wasn’t Too Old, And Gives Shower Rod Tips

Mimi And Nikko On Sex Tape Critics: Joseline Is Just Jealous, Stevie J. Isn’t Relevant, Mimi Wasn’t Too Old, And Gives Shower Rod Tips

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In a newly released interview, Mimi and Nikko are addressing every critic who has something to say about their sex tape. Including Joseline who went ham on Mimi via Instagram and Twitter after the tape was released saying things like, “What they got this ho- under? Granny porn?”. Well Mimi explains that Joseline is just jealous because the shine is no longer on her. She had this to say about Joseline:

…She also went and reposted a picture of her spreading her vagina to the world. She also has a video on World Star for free where she’s fingering herself and everything else. So she’s just a little upset that the shine isn’t on her. 

And when it comes to Stevie J, Nikko says:

He’s not even relevant right now.

Mimi: Stevie has moved on. I’ve moved on and his opinion about it doesn’t sway anything that I do or am doing when we aren’t together.

Nikko: Yeah. I think he should be mad at the fact that he lost something so great. That’s what he should be mad at. But coming at me, nah he lost that already. It’s over but tell him to come if he wants to come.

Mimi: Here we are!


When asked if Mimi thought she was too old to make a sex tape they stated the following.

Mimi: Too old? What is too old to tape yourself mean? 

Nikko: She’s shutting down 20 year olds. 20 year olds is coming up to her like Mimi how do you get your stomach like that? I wanna work out with you. It is what it is we not really feeding into all the negativity that’s coming to us. 

Later Mimi gave shower rod tips. She says:

We decided to take a shower and I grabbed onto it to get a little more leverage. What ya’ll gotta understand is that its not just the rod, your partner has to be able to support your weight… ladies (laughs). I wasn’t just swinging from the rod by myself he was holding me. 

Nikko: It wasn’t a Tarzan moment. We really want to educate you guys on this shower rod because we don’t want you guys going out there breaking your neck thinking that its a certain shower rod out there. 

Mimi and Nikko says that the tape was never intended to be shopped or hit the internet, it was simply a home made movie that somehow leaked. So we’ll just ignore the fact that they had a whole videographer filming their shower scene. Cha! 

They cleared VH1′s name by stating that Love and Hip Hop had nothing to do with this but they had to let them know what was going on because it was happening in their real lives. Messy girl!

Watch the full interview below.

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