Michel’le Reveals Her Ex Dr. Dre Broke Her Nose On “R&B Divas” Reunion

Michel’le Reveals Her Ex Dr. Dre Broke Her Nose On “R&B Divas” Reunion

Michel'le reveals dr. dre used to beat her up.

The reunion show for  R&B Divas L.A. left no stone unturned. Known for getting down to the business, host Wendy Williams asked the cast the tough questions that viewers wanted answers to. In a startling and surprising  twist, when Wendy asked the women about their plastic surgery, former Death Row singer and baby mother of Dr. Dre, Michel’le  revealed something that none of us saw coming.

Below is Michel’le’s response after Wendy Williams asked her about her nose job:

Michel’le: One of my boyfriends hit me and [made it] crooked it until I had to straighten it and change it and it cost a lot of money.

Wendy Williams: One of your babies’ fathers? You’re speaking of, that broke your nose?

Michel’le: Absolutely…and I stayed [in the relationship].

Michel’le went on  to say she had to “figure out” that domestic violence isn’t an expression of love because her father never told her he loved her. But after some more talking, Michel’le revealed that despite dating Suge Knight, one of Hip hop’s most notorious bad boys, it was Dr. Dre who she was referring to all along.

Michel’le: Getting beat was love to me. When I got with Suge- believe it or not–he didn’t really beat me. I asked him ‘why aren’t you beating me? Don’t you love me?’

Wendy Williams: By saying Suge didn’t beat you, the finger is pointing at you Dr. Dre.

Michel’le never once corrected Wendy and kind of just shrugged it off alluding that it was in fact Dre who used to lay hands on her. While both Dre and Michel’le continue to co-parent their son Marcel together, Michel’le hasn’t been involved with Dre since their break up.




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