Love and Hip Hop New York Drama: Joe Budden, Tahiry and Consequence Speaking out on the Fight !


It’s about time I catch you guys up to speed on this whole Joe Budden, Tahiry and Consequence occurrence.  

Stuff got real during the taping for LHHNY Reunion when Consequence ran up on Joe Budden from behind as he was going to have a smoke with his ex Tahiry. Before Joey could even swing back security had already swept him off his feet and Tahiry was reeling in on Consequence’s face with her fist. After a series of tweets were released between Joe and Consequence Budden called in to the Angie Martinez show to tell his side of the story. From the looks of the clip below Budden didn’t lie about what took place that night. Listen to Mr. Pump It Up’s side of the story below.

See footage of the incident below…

Tahiry is now coming to the forefront to tell her side of the story. She called up Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club to discuss how it all went down that night. She tells them:

We had a little two minute break and as Joey and I were walking out, somebody flies over my head. Joe was walking out, it was all unexpected. I jumped up, he jumped up, security rushes him to the other side of that room and the police forgot about [me] and right when security managed to get hands on Consequence, who was running in the opposite direction, I, you know, I reacted. It’s human nature. Well, like I said, Joey didn’t even get a chance [to defend himself] — he basically jumped on Joey’s back. I thought it was a girl — I expected that from a woman. I’m just saying [I thought it was] a woman in general, not everybody likes each other on the cast.

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