Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Reunion Spoilers

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Reunion Spoilers


Who better than us to give you the tea? Honey pull up a chair and grab some popcorn!

Chaaaa it got real during Love And Hip Hop’s Atlanta Reunion. The taping took place in NYC on Wednesday, July 15th at the BET studios. We missed the first part of the show but when we arrived Joseline and Jessica Dime were hashing out their problems. Unfortunately, no fighting popped off between the two ‘lovers’ it was more of them talking and getting a clear understanding of what went down during the season. Jocelyn felt as though Dime should’ve personally reached out to her instead of going behind her back to other cast members and putting her on blast. And Dime explained that she was upset because Joseline was running around saying that she didn’t know who Dime was.

Moving right along…

The drama began to unfold when Joc and K.D. hit the stage.

It started off smooth but went left when Karlie Redd told K.D. how Joc asked to sleep with her seconds before she came on stage. Joc denied it and Karlie really went off. She also told K.D. that Joc asked to have sex with her at Yandy’s wedding, when Joc said it wasn’t true Joseline jumped in to defend Karlie and said that it was. K.D. literally just sat there and did nothing. Although she did stand up and was ready to attack Joc’s baby mama at one point for calling her a bit-h. Chaaa but this time Mona hired top of the line security, so it wasn’t going down.

Another highlight of the show was when Scrappy got Erica all the way together for trying to paint him as a horrible father. He really went in on her.

They explained to us the whole ordeal with the child support situation but things really took an emotional turn after that. Not sure how true these things are but Scrappy told us that Erica is a bad mother. He accused her of only being concerned with her football player boyfriend and says she never has Emani. He started crying when he reminded her of how he paid for her to get through school and reminisced on times when he was broke and would buy his daughter food and watch her eat while he starved. He said he didn’t understand how she always try to make him look bad when he’s the reason she’s even on the show. We were shocked when he screamed out into the crowd that Erica abuses their daughter. Erica really didn’t have much to say. Yikes!

Deb and Kaleena somewhat hashed out their beef, but when Tammy’s name was mentioned Deb shut that all the way down by telling them they were not allowed to speak about her because she wasn’t there to defend herself. Deb held it down! HA!

Rasheeda and Kirk are in a good space. Ashley is still on the label and when they asked her to sing for them live she did and sounded great!

Steebie and The Baddest Punta put on a pretty good performance at the end. They had support from the entire cast except for Margeux. She stormed off stage right before the performance claiming that everyone on set was being fake for watching their non talented a–es. Joseline yelled out ‘let’s clap for this hoe’ and Stevie laughed and made fun of her.

The highlight of the show was when Mi Mi came on stage with Joseline and Stevie for a group hug. She grabbed the mic and explained how they have been through so much but she’s happy that Joseline is a part of her life. She said during the time that Joseline and Stevie met she and Stevie were really going through it but it’s because of Joseline that she finally has her friend back (Stevie). It was really an amazing moment.

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