Listen: Lupe Fiasco Responds To Kendrick Lamar On “SLR 2″ Record

It’s like ni–as, must forget, who da fu-k, did what da fu-k, when da fu-k, when ni–as was still not da fu-k or whateva. Kendrick Lamar gone learn today!

Another one of Kendrick’s colleagues has stepped in the ring and he’s talking major sh-t. Lupe Fiasco dropped his SLR 2 record and lyrically he wants Kendrick to know that he is not on Jay-Z nor Nas’s level but instead he’s a freshman and wants him to acknowledge that. Lupe drops bars like:

He’s so crazy, look at the little baby

Ni–a you ain’t Nas, ni–a you ain’t Jay-Z

You will respect me, you will reject me,

But no matter how far you go you will reflect me.

Whether good or bad it’s good to see artists giving Kendrick a challenge. Listen to the track below.

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