Leaked Audio: Ray J Admits To Dating And Using Whitney Houston For Fame

Leaked Audio: Ray J Admits To Dating And Using Whitney Houston For Fame


Ray J has mastered the art of staying relevant. Ha!

Somehow, some way audio of Ray J talking about his former ex-boo Whitney Houston has managed to hit the web. In the leaked audio you’ll hear Ray tell the story of him being in his prime during that time which is why he would never fully commit to her. The One Wish singer admits to boasting off of being a player and that he was pretty much using her to get more famous. Although Ray says he was receiving opportunities of a lifetime from dating her he indicates that he was very unhappy with Whitney which is why he let her go.

Read more and listen to the full audio below.

 I was right at the peak of the Kim K. sex tape, Whitney Houston just I’m on top of the world as far as being a bad boy so at that point you know what’s up. You’re gonna’ be with me when I want you to be with me. And then when we’re not together imma’ be with her or whoever the fu-k I wanna’ be with. You know wassup with me… Publicly you know what I do. 

And how did you feel about that internally?

At that point I was boasting off of it. I didn’t have anybody to be like hold on, cut all of this sh-t out and reconstruct your career now. You feel what I’m saying? Reconstruct it now. 

Once the Whitney “thing” happened you had that?:

I could’ve reconstructed crazy. But a lot of people was turned off cause she was big. And I was getting her right but she was a little older and her image in the past wasn’t as solid as I would’ve got with a Mariah Carey.

You could’ve been the guy to turn her around after the Bobby “thing”:

I would’ve had to be with her though. And that was something that everyday that I was with her I was not happy… I was not happy. And I saw myself, I was like yo I’m on top of the world… look at all the people I’m shaking hands with right now. Like right now today, or when I was with her. On top of the world, like literally… like the dude said. I would sit at dinner and people would come in, the prince of whatever and be like ‘yo we want to give you this’ and I’d be like ‘cool’ but I wasn’t happy.  She was yearning for me for everything. She was yearning you feel what I’m saying and I was unhappy. So I didn’t want to sell my soul for that. Knowing that it’s not right, knowing that I’m playing with her mind a little bit to get me somewhere, but what’s crazy is that now that you tell me that, I can still do that. The new man can do that. I’m just saying as the new man we have that option and we should take advantage of that option.

You should do her right.:

I always do her right.  Before we were really right do you know how long it took me to really make it right with her. 

Is she clean?:

Absolutely! I mean until… if I want her to be

The audio ends abruptly when Ray is asked if Whitney is living a drug-free lifestyle. Hmmmm. Take a listen below.

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