Khloe Kardashian Speaks Out On Matt Kemp Rumors And Divorce

Khloe Kardashian Speaks Out On Matt Kemp Rumors And Divorce


The day after Khloe filed for a divorce, rumors began to swirl that she had already found herself a new boo, Matt Kemp, who she’s been spotted out with occasionally in the Los Angeles area. The two were photographed in a V.I.P section at Jay Z’s concert and days later they were spotted at a John Legend concert. Not to mention the day they were seen driving to the gym together in separate vehicles.

Well apparently those rumors aren’t true, according to Khloe anyway. Last night, a very upset Khloe took to her twitter to clear the air.

This, in and of itself, is heart breaking and torture to my soul. Please, I don’t need the extra rumors and BS right now.

According to reports, Lamar Odom believes otherwise and he feels betrayed by Khloe. A source tells RadarOnline:

Lamar feels betrayed because Khloe was telling him she wanted to save the marriage and he was really trying to do so. He was far from the perfect husband, but Lamar genuinely thought there was a chance to save the relationship. Khloe always told Lamar she was only friends with Matt, but friends have been telling him that she had been hooking up with Kemp for months.

See photos of Khloe and Matt driving to the gym together. One vehicle behind the other.


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