Janelle Monae Interviews At Essence Festival And Explains Why She Always Wears Black And White

Janelle Monae is one of the many artist to have performed at the annual Essence Festival this past weekend in New Orleans. While there, Janelle sat down for a brief interview with Tamron Hall of MSNBC to discuss her music, the role she plays in the lives of young women and the significance behind why she wears black and white all the time.

On being original

I think that as a woman, as an African-American woman in today’s music industry my goal has always been to promote diversity and to show the world that we’re not all monolithic and we’re not all the same and to a different perspective. I remember growing up and being in middle school and high school, there were not a lot of people who look like me who and had the same morals and values. I just think its important to give young girls options in a world where they’re tryna figure things out. Their tryna figure out if they wanna be someone else  or if they’re going to be themselves.

On why she wears black and white

… My moms last occupation, she was a janitor. My father and step-father, who treated me just like his own, were post office workers and trash men. So my family worked for the community so I wear my black and white to honor them and it reminds me that this is work for me and through music I have to continue to help serve the community.

Watch the interview below.

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