Hot 97′s DJ Mr. Cee Publicly Resigns From Station After Being Exposed By Drag Queen

Zamnnnn homie!

They say three times a charm right? Well at least in Mr. Cee’s case it is.

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Cee, he is one of the hottest dj’s to ever hit the NYC airwaves. Mr. Cee has been with Hot 97 for 20 years and over the past couple of years Cee has been accused of dealing with tranny prostitutes and was arrested on at least two occasions because of it. Each time the situation was brought up Cee would deny it and there has never been proof of the accusations. This time was a little different for him.

Allegedly, Mr. Cee was looking for a night of fun from a cross-dressing drag that goes by the name of Bimbo Winehouse and picked him up off of a corner last week. Well, what Cee didn’t know was that Bimbo recorded their entire conversation in the car while the two of them negotiated prices and Bimbo asking questions like ‘Do you like good head?” An irritated Mr. Cee kicked Bimbo’s a–  out right back on the corner after he had already paid $100 for services.

Now, Bimbo has released a video of the recording and although we don’t know if it’s really Cee it sure does sound like him. And judging by his past we wouldn’t put it past him. Watch the visual below.  

Earlier today Cee publicly resigned from Hot 97. The former dj announced to the listeners, “Today is my last day on Hot 97. In reality, I kind of knew this day would come.

That really sucks, we wish him the best of luck going forward and previously he stated that he is seeking help for his problems.

  I’m getting help. I go to therapy and I’m dealing with it.

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