Drake Was Turned Off By Rihanna’s Revealing CFDA Gown “Wow. Just Wow!”

Drake Was Turned Off By Rihanna’s Revealing CFDA Gown “Wow. Just Wow!”


Yasss muva!

Rihanna was responsible for all of the fashion orgasms that took place Monday evening when she wore this jaw dropping Adam Selman custom made gown. Rih had folks gasping for air when she walked the red carpet at the CFDA Awards in this revealing show stopper made up of over 230,000 Swarovski crystals.

Allegedly her ex-boyfriend Drake did not approve. A source close to the rapper revealed to Hollywood Life that the two separated after Drake realized that he just couldn’t be the man that Rih wanted. The source says Drake’s first reaction to the dress was:

 Wow. Just wow.

The source continued:

He can see how some people are turned on by it and how others can be turned off. It’s fashion and glam, he guesses. Personally, he’s not surprised that his ex would wear something like that. She loves to shock people but with that ensemble, she made them gag.

He’s old school and would prefer his woman to only reveal her naked body to him and him alone. That’s just how he is but he thinks if it’s liberating for Rihanna to personally show her birthday suit to the world, and if she’s happy doing it, then more power to her.

Kind of hard to believe that Drake thinks so harshly about the dress. Surprisingly a lot of guys felt like Rih was doing too much but keep in mind that in the Carribean culture they embrace their naked bodies and have no problem flaunting them in public.

While accepting her Fashion Icon Award, Rihanna brought up how she uses fashion as a defense mechanism to shelter her insecurities.

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of access to fashion. But as far as I could remember, fashion has always been my defense mechanism. Even as a child I remember thinking, “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.” And to this day I mean, that is how I think about it. I can compensate for all my weaknesses with my fashion. And so really, you really can … I enjoy the most that you can tell so much about who someone is just by their style — the way they put fashion together. And I think fashion has been an outlet for me to express myself, to speak up, to say who I am and to be very loud about it at times, and I just like to have fun with it. Fashion is just a world of thrills, it’s exciting, there’s no rules, there’s just … I mean, SHE has tons of rules [gestures at Anna Wintour] … Scratch that! Scratch that!  There are RULES! But rules are meant to be broken. 

Watch it below.

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