Drake Disses Family Members In New Song “Too Much”

Don’t think about it too much.

Drake is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve and expressing his emotions through his music, just as he’s doing in his latest single Too Much which he performed on the Jimmy Fallon show, Friday. In the lyrics Drake opens up about the pressures placed upon him as an artist in his position and the scrutiny that comes along with it. Although he can sell out a show today it wasn’t always like that, as Drake reminisces about the times where he wondered if anyone would show up to his gigs at all. Drake talks about feeling pinned down by family issues such as his mother who won’t enjoy life because she’s too sick and holidays don’t live there anymore since all the money began pouring in.

Sampha sang the hook to the song over a powerful piano-driven beat. The lights were off to set the mood for such a song as powerful as this one. Before Drake started, below is what he had to say:

Before I do this song I just want to say, to my friends and family, I want the best for everybody. I love you all.

Watch Drake’s performance below.

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