Did The Game Get Arrested For Brutally Beating His Fiance Tiffney?

Did The Game Get Arrested For Brutally Beating His Fiance Tiffney?

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Trouble in the Taylor residence? 

It is being reported that the game is under investigation for beating on his wife. Law enforcement claims that The Game’s fiance Tiffney Cambridge filed a police report on him last weekend after an argument between the two went sour.

Sources close to Tiffney tell us, Game hit Tiffney repeatedly in the face, injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose. Law enforcement sources say police took photos of her face.

The Game claims that he never touched Tiffney. He also posted the below photo and comment via Instagram two days ago.

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I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I’m always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffney. All I want is a chance to move on with my life & be allowed to be the father to my children I have been since their births. Judge me as you may, but do know.. my heart & my intentions are pure – The Game

A day before that The Game posted the above flick of him sitting up against a wall with handcuffs on. The caption read:

Me & @moneygangworldwide might be headed downtown to the twin towers… Only thing bout going to jail as a rich nigga is that… We bail out before we take mugshots #FuckThePolice #BloodMoney#LaFamilia

Meanwhile Tiffney has nothing to say. She posted the below photo on her Instagram without a caption.

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Hope these two can work things out. They are currently filming their reality show Marrying The Game. Wonder how this is going to play out.

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