Did Ciara Call Off The Engagement Because Future Was Cheating With His “Stylist”?

Did Ciara Call Off The Engagement Because Future Was Cheating With His “Stylist”?


 And when the smoke clears maybe better days are ahead for CiBandz

We’ve received countless emails and text messages inquiring about the break up between Ciara and her fiance Future. Why did they call of their engagement? Did they really break up? We aren’t 100% sure if they called it quits but here’s what we do know.

It’s been a while since we’ve last spotted Ci Ci in her 15-carat engagement ring. Last week, US Weekly claimed that a source close to the couple revealed that Ciara left Future over cheating allegations. Another source says Ciara is “devastated” and her “only focus” at this point “is the baby”. Word on the blogs is that Future may have been doing his dirt while away on tour with his “stylist”.

Sadly this comes only 3 months after the birth of their son Future Zahir Wilburn. It’s hard to believe that this is true after watching Ciara talk about how important family is and why being in love means so much to her.

A while back during an interview with E News, she told them:

My mother and father were married for 30 years and my grandparents 50 years. I want to build a big family because its me, my mother and father, and I’m the only child.

She also told Necole Bitchie:

The way that I look at life is that I only understand the concept of marriage. My grandparents were married for 50 years, so when I date a person, I don’t like to jump fast. I don’t like casual dating, I don’t understand that so well. I don’t mean that in a funny way but for example in every relationship, I may have been around a person for a little second. Most of the people I usually meet them from working or being around them and then it usually turns into something. I don’t really understand the concept of randomly meeting someone and then going out. I have very few experiences like that. So because of my parents, I move slow in a relationship.

I really believe that love is everything. It is so necessary, without love you have nothing. You can’t live without love in my book and in my world. So I look forward to that moment.

As of recently Ciara has been back in the studio, attending fashion shows and making her rounds on television. She betta’ werk!

We hope they can iron out their wrinkles. We were really looking forward to seeing Ci Ci make her way down the isle. Especially after seeing how beautiful she looked on the cover of Brides Magazine. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.


Thanks for the tea: US Weekly, Necole Bitchie


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