Dame Dash On Jay-Z And Solange Elevator Fight: “That Sh-t Was Funny”

Dame Dash On Jay-Z And Solange Elevator Fight: “That Sh-t Was Funny”

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 Dame funny as hell. Ha!

While the rest of the world was in complete shock by Solange’s outrageous behavior that night on the elevator, Dame Dash was somewhere cracking up about it. In his most recent interview Dame shared his reaction towards the situation. He said:

I was laughing. That sh-t was funny cause Jay is the kinda guy you dn’t see him move that much. And when he does move if its not cool looking  then it’s going to be kicks.

It was funny. I like jokes I like to laugh. It’s nothing. Nobody died. That sh-t wan’t about nothing. If he worried about that sh-t then that’s on him I wouldn’t be. If  was around him I would be like, ‘I wouldn’t worry about that, that ain’t about nothing you looked a little funny but who cares.”

If he still hung out with us, we would have roasted him, because that is how we get down. I don’t think his circle is like that, I know who he hangs around, they are probably giggling behind his back, but they not giggling in front of him…and if they are that’s dope. I hope they are laughing at him, but if they aren’t, he needs to look at his crew. Like, ‘Y’all not laughing, that was funny

It was rumored that Dame’s ex-wife Rachel Roy may have been the cause of what went down that night. Dame says he doesn’t think that was the case though:

If he was tryna holla at my wife though, that’s kinda f-cked up. [laughs] But I don’t think he was doing that. That would be bad. That would be dark. That means he really has some resentment but I would hope that that wouldn’t be the case.

Watch it below.

Nice to see someone lighten up the moment.

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