Beyonce’s Hair Gets Caught In A Fan During Performance And She Doesn’t Miss A Beat

Last night, Beyonce was literally gone with the wind fabulous. No time for twirling though. The only thing that was twirling was the tracks of her hair caught up in the blades of a nearby fan.

Last night the singer was in the midst of singing Halo when all of a sudden a fan grabbed on to her hair and wouldn’t let go. The singer failed while attempting to pull her hair out of the fan but thanks to her body guard she was able to get loose. Bey never stopped singing throughout the mayhem and nearby fans helped Beyonce fix her hair once she was set free.

Last night Bey poked fun at herself by posting lyrics to a song that she had written about the incident on instagram.

Gravity can’t begiiiiiin
to pull me out of the fan again.

I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin
From the fan that’s always hatiiiiin
Virgin Remy & Malaysiiiiiaaaaaaannnn
I got snatched
2 snaps
Goodnight All, B

The song goes to her Halo beat. Watch the incident below.

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