Behind The Scenes: Wale “Love-Hate Thing” Off “The Gifted”

Love You Then They Hate You Then They Love You Again

Wale’s 3rd album The Gifted scheduled to drop June 25th is noted as the most pivotal point in his career. He stated “This is the moment of like becoming an icon like its either going to happen or not. “Judging by the two HOT singles he dropped including “Bad” which had over 13 million video views and holds spot 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 list plus his most recent single Love-Hate Thing that is guaranteed to be equally successful, there’s no reason for Wale to not reach his iconic status.

Putting his finishing touches on the forthcoming album Wale takes us behind the scenes of his second single Love-Hate Thing.  Wale notes that Love-Hate Thing is ”Easily the most personal single” off The Gifted. The single featuring Sam Drew brings back soulful instrumentation and real musicianship that has been missing for some years now. The video directed by Sarah McColgan shows a suited up Wale and friends performing in a band.


We can’t wait until the full video drops! Check out the concept below.
Written by: Donnie B 

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