A$AP Rocky Smacks Female Fan In The Face

A$AP Rocky pimp hand is strong.

While walking through the crowd showing his fans some love during his performance in Sydney, Australia things got heated for a quick couple of seconds. A female began hitting the top of Rocky’s head repeatedly while trying to get his attention soon after A$AP turns around but ‘m sure the fan didn’t get the reaction she expected. A super annoyed A$AP didn’t even notice that the fan was blowing him a kiss right before he smacked the sh– out of her. Right after, he began yelling and waving his finger at her like a parent does a child when they’ve done something wrong. Yikes!

Get into the smack below.

Rihanna recently just did the same thing to one of her fans. If these entertainers aren’t going to keep their performances limited to the stage a lot more people are going to be getting smacked. Sad but true.


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