Wiz Khalifa Steps Out With Mystery Woman Meanwhile Amber Rose Is In Pain And Not Ready To Move On

Amber Rose exits from Bossa Nova with Nick Simmons and friends

Since Amber Rose has filed for divorce from her soon to be ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa, she’s been spotted out on a few occasions with a few male friends of hers but she isn’t quite ready to move on yet. Recently, word on the blogs was that Amber was dating her good friend Nick Simmons after photos surfaced of she and Nick hanging out. Nick shut critics down when he took to Twitter with the following statement:

NickApparently dancing in a club+helping some1 to their car = dating. People r funny

Amber: Lol It just comes with this life kiddo

Nick@DaRealAmberRose the part I can’t stand? These people down here making judgment calls about you, never having met you. Fu-k that noise.

Amber admitted to fans that she’s hurting and even though she’s single she isn’t quite ready to mingle yet.

The mornings are especially hard.

The pain…I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died….. I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.

Single but not quite mingling….. Yet.

Amber Rose and Nick Simmons leave Playhouse together - Part 2

Amber and Nick. 

On the flipside we can’t say the same thing for Wiz. The rapper was recently leaving the club while holding hands with a mystery woman.


The video captures the two leaving together in Wiz’s SUV. Catch it here.

Wow! Kinda sucks that he’s moved on so soon.

Via- Twitter/ Global Grind/ TMZ

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