Watch Trailer: The New Atlanta Reality Show

Now I have to be completely honest with you guys, I knew nothing about this new reality television show The New Atlanta up until a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to the premiere party in Atlanta. After laying eyes upon Jevon Sims (photographed above) I will admit that this unscripted, drama filled reality show will definitely have my attention. Don’t judge me. Ha!

Looks like Jevon is being a little player though! In the mini trailer Jevon is dating both Africa (photographed above) and Alexandra Dilworth which causes tension between the two ladies and a few heartaches as well. Not only is the drama unfolding in their love lives but they all are also struggling with the pressures of trying to make it in such cut throat industries while living in Black Hollywood Atlanta.

What we like about this new reality show is that it isn’t an all black cast like the ones that we are used to seeing. Get into the trailer below.


Africa looks awesome while rocking the Skin to Skin bandage dress by our good friends over at ShopKin.

Find out more about The New Atlanta here.

The season started on Septembe 17th? What do you think about the past episodes? Or if you are anything like me, will you watch going forward?


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