Watch: Basketball Wives Season 5 Super Trailer

With or without former cast members like Jennifer and Royce, the drama must go on!

Despite recent reports that this will be a more positive season of Basketball Wives, the cast is bringing the drama right back to your television screens. We already know things are going to get heated between Evelyn and Suzie after Suzie thought it was okay to laugh at Tasha Marbury’s helmet joke. Speaking of the new girl on the block, don’t expect for Tasha and Tami Roman to be engaging in too many 1 on 1 dinners together. Tami says that she is over meeting new people and, “Tired of trying to induct these ladies into the Tami Roman school of this is who the fu-k I am.” Not only is Tami tired of meeting new people but she might be tired of old friends like Shaunie O’neal as well.

Watch some of the drama unravel below.

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