Watch! An Unconscious August Alsina Falls Off Stage During Performance

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This evening while performing at Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan, singer August Alsina took a scary tumble off stage and into the crowd. In the video, we could see August beginning to fade away just seconds before he took the fall. August was quickly whisked away by security and carried backstage. 

Witnesses tell TMZ … he appeared to be out cold when security guards ran to him in the crowd

An unconscious August was spotted receiving medical treatment from the paramedics that arrived on the scene but his condition is still unknown.

Watch August faint around the 1:40 mark in the video below.

Story still developing. Stay tuned for updates…

August you’re in our prayers.

UPDATE: In an interview, August mentioned that he didn’t eat before the show so that could have something to do with the incident.

Via: Instagram/TMZ

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