Wale Gives Away $25,000 Scholarship To Hampton University College Student: “Almost Not Returning In The Fall Because Of Expenses”

Shout out to Wale!

The MMG rapper donated $25,000 to a student at Hampton University. Lauren Pryor was on the brink of dropping out of college due to financial hardships up until June 18th. Lauren was on her way to a friends house when she heard Norfolk 103 JAMZ announce that they would be giving away the scholarship to the 25th caller. Lauren tells the Gazette Journal:

I was on my way to a friend’s home in Hampton when I heard the radio challenge that the 25th caller would win the prize. The station said to call between 4 and 5 p.m. I called four or five times. The line was always busy. On about the 14th call I told myself to give it a rest then, I heard a man say ‘hello. I didn’t believe it. He told me there were millions of calls and he only picked up the phone 14 times nationwide.

She continues.

Winning this scholarship was truly a blessing. Almost not returning to Hampton University in the fall because of expenses, I was exceedingly fortunate to receive this scholarship. It was truly a test of faith.

After having received her check at Best Buy in NYC during Wale’s album The Gifted release party, Lauren enjoyed the luxuries of all the VIP amenities. Lauren was also featured on 106&Park which is set to air next Tuesday on June 25th.

Congrats Lauren!

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