Video: What Made August Alsina Flip Out On Fan Who Snatched His Hat Off?

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August Alsina is no stranger to controversy but was he wrong this time ?

Over the weekend the singer took the stage in Little Rock, AK. All went well up until August jumped in the crowd and his hat was snatched off by a fan. Immediately August stopped the show and in the most gangsta (-___-) way demanded that his hat be returned.

Who got the hat?! On some G sh-t! Don’t play with me like that, my n-gga. I came out here to f-ck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this b-tch until I get it back, Straight up! Where it’s at? Or we gon cause a muthaf-ckin riot in this bit-h. Where it’s at?

The next day blogs ran crazy with the story not knowing the value of the hat and what made August so upset. According to publicist AllyThePub, who just so happened to be in attendance, this wasn’t just a regular store bought hat. Apparently the singer’s older brother Melvin gave August the hat before he passed away. Under an Instagram post Ally tells us:

 “the hat” was given to him by his brother..”the hat” was something that he cherishes so we running around making a huge deal in posting let’s check our captions…because if the tables were turned you’d be upset to. August is new in the game..he’s growing up in this…he’s also very true to where he came from. Now by no means am I saying that I respect the behavior in which he handled it but what I’m saying is before we are the first to drop footage or the first to post let’s be clear about the storyline.

Whether or not the hat was returned to him isn’t clear but he definitely ended the show.

Watch the footage below.


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