Video: Erykah Badu Sings In The Streets Of NYC For $3.60

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E has no chill! LOL

If Erykah Badu isn’t kissing and crashing the set of a news reporter then she might be in the streets of NYC singing for change. In the hilarious visual that Erica recorded with her Iphone you’ll see the singer in the middle of Times Square begging folks for their money through a soulful tune that she made up. Whenever someone went in their purse or pockets she would mock what they were doing, and even if you didn’t have it to give she would imitate that too. She told one guy she didn’t have a job and needed some money and his response was he doesn’t have one either. LOL.

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Even though Erykah admits that singing in the streets for money isn’t easy and only made $3.60 she sure did make it look fun. Gotta’ love this chick.

Watch it below.

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