Uh-Oh! Future Slips Up And Confirms Sex Of The Baby

Uh-Oh! Future Slips Up And Confirms Sex Of The Baby


Future had a “woops” moment in his recent interview with UK radio jockey Tim Westwood. When the rapper was asked what the sex of the baby was he said, “It’s off the record information”. Well not anymore! Tim did a great job at not letting up on the subject. He asked questions about the baby room like whether it was blue or pink and eventually Future let the cat out of the bag.

The baby listening to music already now. She sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She said ‘the baby just listened to ‘Turn On The Lights,’ the version with me and you. I said ‘He gotta play…YOU gotta play that Anytime for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick.’ She played it for him. He started kicking like crazy.

After he realized that he had eff’d up, Future let out a slight grin and said:

See you got the sex outta me and you don’t even know it. It’s like the police you can’t talk to em’, if you keep talking to em’ you gone tell em’ the truth.

They changed the subject and right before the interview was over Future tried to cover up his slip up by saying:

That’s why I can’t tell you what sex I’m having. If it’s a girl or a boy. I might say it’s a boy, but it might be a girl. Because I really love girls. I always said I wanted two girls and I already have one. So…”

LOL! Welp we hope Ci Ci isn’t mad!

Watch the interview below.

The slip up happens around the 9:50 mark.

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