Two Mob Wives Are Not Invited To Attend Big Ang’s Funeral


Rest In Peace Big Ang.

On February 18th, approximately at 3:01am in Manhattan, Reality TV Star Big Ang died at the age of 55. It is said that she died of complications of cancer after she contracted pneumonia. Big Ang’s friend, Vinnie Medugno, confirmed on Twitter that she passed away peacefully and was surrounded by friends and family.


Big Ang’s nickname steamed from her blunt but vibrant personality. Not only was she open to letting her life play out right in front of us every week on VH1’s Mob Wives (where she first appeared), she was also very open about her illness. She recently sat down with Dr. Oz and discussed her cancer battle.

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Big Ang – whose real name is Angela Raiola was diagnosed with throat cancer in March 2014 after doctors discover a lemon sized tumor. Sources say, after two surgeries Raiola seemed to have beaten her battle. Later was diagnosed again, sadly this time it was for stage five lung and brain cancer.

A couple of weeks ago, Janine Detore, sister to Raiola, and family set up a GoFundMe account to cover Raiola’s medical bills. Their original goal was $25,000 and they ended with raising more than $45,000.

According to sources not all of the mob wives will be in attendance at Big Ang’s home going service. E News tells us:

Sunday Mob Wives stars Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano were told “it’s not a good idea” to attend any of the services. This is because of their dads’ past cooperation with authorities, E! News has learned.

The source did not specify who said this to them. Big Ang’s rep had no immediate comment.

“It’s just years of history between the fathers,” the source said, adding, “It’s a shame but they understand to a point. No one wants to have conflict at a funeral.”

The source said Karen and Brittany will make separate plans to pay respect to Big Ang on their own.

Raiola is survived by her husband, Neil Murphy; two children, Anthony and Raquel D’Onofrio; and six grandchildren.

Story By: Bre Femmee
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