Toya Wright On Being Called Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Mama: “I’m Married And For One I Was Married To Him”

Toya Wright On Being Called Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Mama: “I’m Married And For One I Was Married To Him”


“It’s been a rough coupe of days” is what Toya Wright told Rashan Ali of Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 during their brief sit down interview at the radio station. The former reality television star stopped by the station just days after being locked up on her husband’s birthday for an “unpaid” traffic ticket.

After having to spend time in jail Toya told her Instagram followers that she had been emotionally scarred by the situation.

Wow!!! It’s true I was jailed due to a old ticket that I thought I had taken care of but it was not. I try my best to take care of that sort of thing quickly but some how the ticket slipped through the cracks. I spent a day in jail and I must say that this experience was one of the most devastating of my life. I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worse enemy. Everyone that gets locked up isn’t a danger to the community. Many people are in jail are just like me for a ticket that was either forgotten or thought to be taken care of. But the way most are treated is inhumane. I never thought in a million years that the kind of things I’ve witnessed went on. The situation was so bad that I don’t even want to leave out the house. After my ordeal I am seriously contemplating being an advocate of better treatment for prisoners. Please believe I’m working on my lightening up my lead foot and if I do mess up and get another ticket, that day it will be taken care of. 

Media outlets ran with headlines such as “Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Arrested”. The funny part is she was never Lil Wayne’s baby-mama she was actually his wife and by her being Memphitz’s wife now she’s definitely owed some respect on behalf of that. She had this to say about it:

I’m married and for one I was married to him. If you say anything about Lil Wayne don’t say babymama cause he got like what 4 of those, say ex- wife….Don’t address me as his babymama because I wasn’t that, I’m someone else’s wife….But that’s how you pump the story up, I guess it looks better cause Lil Wayne went to jail and I guess for the media, I guess that’s what makes more sense. But sometimes, yes, that annoys the hell out of me.

Watch the interview below.

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