Meek Mill Says Being With Nicki Minaj And Waking Up To Her Everyday Is A Dream Come True


He got Nicki he know that he hit the jackpot!

Although rap duo Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been dating for over a year now that native Philadelphian admits that dating the mega pop star is like living a dream come true. In a recent interview with Noisey Raps the MMG rapper tells them he knew he had  to be with a girl from the hood who would understand his lifestyle. He says:

Where I come from, I can’t just be from the hood and just have a like a total opposite girlfriend, she don’t know nothing about where I come from… she don’t understand me. So, it’s somebody that’ll understand me, somebody that hustles, you know what I’m saying? Somebody that’s aggressive. You know, these the things I like.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Meek said being with Nicki is a dream come true because it was something he always wanted in life.

I always seen it like this. I always seen me having one of the top hustling, prettiest girls in the game. That’s how my account was set up. I could wake up in my bed and just look at Nicki, like man this shit, it gotta be a dream ’cause we used to dream all this shit and it’s just going on right now.

Catch the full interview below.

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New Video: Rae Sremmurd “Throw Some Mo” ft. Nicki Minaj And Young Thug


 Ass fat!

Rae Sremmurd had plenty of money to toss around in his latest visual Throw Some Mo’ ft. Nicki Minaj and Young Thug.

Throughout the visual dancers gave the rappers inspiration to throw some mo as they twirled around stripper poles on a L.A. skating rink floor. And when they were finished with the twerk fest that took place in the locker room, the head barb stepped in and stole the show rocking a hot pink Versace fur.

Birdman and Mike Will Made It joined Thugga Thugga in the parking lot towards the end.

Get into the video below.

Nicki Minaj Talks Relationship With Meek Mill, Beef With Tyga, Young Money Split And More

FullSizeRender (1)

Although Meek Mill feels he and Nicki are “doing too much” for the gram these two continue to put their love on display for the world to see.

She recently took a break from her love life and hectic work schedule to call into BBC’s Radio One to discuss recent events with Charlie Sloth. The two briefly touched basis on the Pink Print Tour set to kick off in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday with Trey Songz, if she’s rolling with Birdman or Lil Wayne, Truffle Butter song controversy surrounding Tyga and even gave us a little piece of what its like dating the MMG rapper.

Whether she and Drake will go with Wayne if Young Money splits:

I don’t think it will ever get to that point. I mean, people know I love Wayne but I love Baby too. I mean I’m very close with Baby and I don’t think people know that. I am banking on the fact that they’re going to work this out like family. They’ve gone through things before just like family does and it is what it is they gone get through it so I’m not even going to think that way.

Recently Tyga was on The Breakfast Club all in his feelings about being taken off Drake and Nicki’s Truffle Butter track. Here’s what Nicki had to say about it:

The song was on my album and we don’t know how but it magically ended up in Tyga’s hands and I told him “You know that’s my song”. I told him me and Drake were gonna’ be on it and low and behold it leaked with him on it after I told him not to put it out. And I thought that was you know a little bit disrespectful because I had always shown him love. I had always done stuff with him and took him on tour with me and I thought it was disrespectful ya nah mean cause’ I am the Queen of Young Money ya digg. And then he said some stuff that I didn’t feel. But ya’ know he text’d me after and apologized and he said ya know you always was there for me and I respect that.

When Meek was brought up she laughed and said:

Oh My! No you did not just bring him up (laughs). We’re just super compatible and you know we just be having fun together. You know how that go big boy, nah mean? When the kid do it the kid get it done, nah mean? 

Nicki’s hilarious!

Catch the full interview and see what she had to say about Chris Brown’s 9 month old baby situation below.

Safaree “SB” Samuels On Nicki Minaj Breakup: “It’s Not Easy, But I Gotta’ Do What I Gotta’ Do”

photo.PNG-7 photo 1.PNG-2 photo 2.PNG-2

Breakups aren’t always easy especially when you’re dating an A-List celebrity. Take it from Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels who is currently going through a nasty break up with the Young Money rapper. TMZ recently caught up with Safaree to gain insight on the former couples current relationship status and here is what Safaree had to say:

On the recent Twitter War:

Definitely not a Twitter war, just somebody out there putting some poison out. but definitely nothing but love. Don’t believe none of that. 

On whether he and Nicki will ever get back together or not:

I support everything that she do. Her music. Her family. That’s somebody you know, 12 years is a long time. Ya know? That’s not just something you forget about. That’s like a family member you know what I’m saying. 

It’s not easy but you know, I gotta do what I gotta do. It’s different when everywhere you go, everything you watch, every single radio station has on that person.


Catch the interview below.

Speaking of being everywhere Nicki just snagged the cover of RollingStone Magazine.


Yasss cleavage !!!

Lil Wayne And Toya Wright Goes All Out For Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash


“She came, She slayed, Shows over!!!” were Toya Wright’s final words as she and Lil Wayne wrapped up their daughter Reginae Carter’s extravagant sweet 16 birthday bash last night in Atlanta. “Chapter 16″ is what they named the celebration while guests of the evening hashtagged #Chapter16 and #NaeDay via Instagram under photos.

Reginae arrived to her Louisiana themed party on a horse and carriage. Cameras flashed as she made her way to the entrance in a Jovani Fashion’s gown. She wore the gown to start the night off and made five different wardrobe changes throughout the evening.

Entertainment for the night included a live performance from Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj. Reginae took the stage with Nicki and danced along to the rapper’s lyrics.

Lil Wayne’ was in attendance but not with his rumored boo thang Christina Milian. He was actually spotted taking a selfie with his ex-fiance Dhea. Other celebrities such as T.I., Tiny, Kandi Buruss, Rasheeda Frost, OMG Girlz, Lil Twist and more were in attendance as well.

The highlight of the night were the gifts Reginae received from her parents. The 16 year old received not one luxury vehicle but two. Check out her brand new red BMW and white Ferrari below.


Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 #Chapter16 #NaeDay

A video posted by @donthatebrittnee on Nov 11, 2014 at 3:51pm PST

Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 #Chapter16 #NaeDay

A video posted by @donthatebrittnee on Nov 11, 2014 at 3:52pm PST

Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 #Chapter16 #NaeDay

A video posted by @donthatebrittnee on Nov 11, 2014 at 3:49pm PST

Reginae Carter’s Sweet 16 #Chapter16 #NaeDay

A video posted by @donthatebrittnee on Nov 11, 2014 at 3:51pm PST


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Is Nicki Minaj’s New Song “Bed Of Lies” About Her Breakup With Ex-Boyfriend Safaree?

Last night Nicki Minaj hosted and performed at MTV’s 2014 Europe Music Awards. Aside from rocking the stage the rapper she came fashionably prepared going through at least eight wardrobe changes.

So anywho, prior to the awards, word on the blogs was that Nicki and her “boyfriend” (hence fiance) Safaree Samuels had called it quits. To further support those allegations TMZ got the scoop on a recent incident that may have been the cause of the split.

Allegedly Nicki went Jazmine Sullivan on SB’s 2012 Merceded Benz and bust homeboy’s windows out of his car. She later tossed all of his clothes into a garbage can. The cops came and SB was escorted from Nicki’s home while Nicki walked away scot free because the car was in her name, which essentially means she can’t get in trouble for damaging her own property.

Since then SB has removed all of Nicki’s tattoos from his body and now Nicki is telling her side of the story in her new record Bed Of Lies. Last night she hit the stage with Skylar Grey in a black laced catsuit rapping lyrics like:

You can never make eye contacts

Everything you got was based off of my contacts

You a fraud but imma’ remain icon stat

Balenciagas on my boots with the python strap 

You was caught up in the rush and you was caught up in the thrill of it

You was with me way before I hit a quarter mill in it

Put you in the crib and you ain’t never pay a bill in it

I was killin’ it now you got me poppin’ pills in it

I told Baby hit you I said, ‘This dude buggin’

Cause I was doin’ it for us I told em’ fu-k the public

Are we feeling this?

August Alsina Cheats On Nicki Minaj In New “No Love” Remix Video

photo 1 (25)photo 3 (14)photo 4 (4)photo 2 (25)

Those smart phones will have you looking like a dummy every time!

August Alsina had to learn that the hard way in the remix of his No Love video ft. Nicki Minaj. The singer’s selfie game wasn’t too strong when he aimed to snap a pic of himself and his main girl, Nicki, and a call was coming through from his side chick Ariana. August grabbed his things and headed out for a night of fun with Ariana and left his girl at home attempting to get in contact with him throughout the night.

Find out what happens next when you watch the official video below.

New Video: Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (19) photo 3 (12)

At this point we’re certain that every anaconda wants a piece of Nicki’s buns.

Nicki broke the booty-licious meter with all the big booties twerking throughout her newly released video Anaconda.

The head barb took us through a rain forest full of “buns” before heading to the gym where she worked out her assets in a bright pink thong. Later she showed the fellas how it “goes down” in the kitchen while eating bananas and squirting out whip cream all over her chest. Afterward she serves Drake up with a seductive lap dance and when he goes to grab it she isn’t having it!

Watch it below.

Nicki Minaj Teases Drake’s “Anaconda” In New Sexy Promo Pics

photo 4 (3)


Nicki Minaj is keeping the promo going for her new video Anaconda that’s dropping tomorrow on Vevo. She recently dropped a sexy teaser for it but clearly that was not enough.

Yesterday, Nicki released a hand full of risque photos featuring herself and fellow YMCMB label mate Drake. In one photo, Drizzy’s eyes zeroed in on Nicki’s derriere and it looked as if he was trying to do all that he could to keep his anaconda from standing at full attention.

But that’s nothing, wait until you see the other flicks below.


photo 1 (17) photo 2 (17) photo 3 (10)


Get em Nick!

Are you ready for the video to drop tomorrow? Stay tuned…

The Shade Honey: Lil’ Kim Releases ANOTHER Nicki Minaj Diss Track Titled “Identity Theft”


 Cha come catch this shade!

Lil’ Kim is on a roll with the diss records. Just yesterday we posted Kim’s diss track, Flawless, that was geared towards Nicki Minaj and she’s already put out another one.

This time Kim is accusing Nicki of stealing her identity. The track is titled Identity Theft and the cover art shows a duck lipped Nicki Minaj on a New Jersey driver’s license with the name Kimberly Jones written next to it. In the lyrics she tells Nicki:

Anything you try to do I done did it

The Queen is back bit-hes come get it!

She continues…

I gave birth to ya style watch how you speak to ya mammy

Ya team can’t fu-k with my family

And I ain’t talkin’ intern revenue, I’m talkin’ IRS the good fella crew  

You was neva’ hard check my repertoire 

Fu-k cash my name is a black card

Listen below.

And it doesn’t stop there. Queen B is gearing up for the release of her new mixtape titled Hardcore. Guess we’ll here about how much more she hates Nicki on there. HA!