T.I. Talks Fatherly Duties And More In Upscale Magazine

T.I. is covering the latest issue of Upscale Magazine. Inside, T.I. discusses his fatherly duties as well as the “shift” of his image. The rapper also talks about the success with hit single Blurred Lines and how his former publisher’s loss was his come up. T.I. asked Warner Chapel, who at the time was his publisher, for 7 million dollars and the company rejected him. According to T.I:

They said, ‘Nah, no.’ And I said, ‘Ok, cool’ and we walked away amicably. And now the Robin Thicke record was the number one record in the world and I am the sole publisher because they didn’t want to cash me out. So thank you, Warner Chapel.

Ha! Don’t sleep on him. Check out more of the interview below.

On being known as a daddy and father at this point in his career:

I guess a lot of things I’ve done in my career that I’ve gained attention for I wouldn’t have never really concluded that would’ve been a probable outcome… I guess [being known for being] a husband and a father is better than the guy with the machine guns and silencers.

On turning down a couple million for a record deal: 

I get that from The Family Hustle and we’re not even talking managers cut, that’s just me—not Tameka—that’s just what I’m getting. I can get that on my own, I can get that on tour.

On convincing Major to get mic’d up for the show:

Sometimes he just doesn’t like to be fooled with, like, ‘I’m not into it today… I don’t force him to do nothing. I let [the production crew] handle that. For a while Gushers worked. He was like, ‘Ok, I’ll do one scene for a pack of Gushers’ and then the Gushers stopped working. One time they came and said, ‘If you come down we’ll give you five dollars’ and he said, ‘What?! I’ll give you five dollars.’

Ha! Too funny. Major said, “I’ll give you five dollars!”




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