Stevie J. Owes 1.28 Million In Child Support And Warrant Has Been Issued For His Arrest


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Chile the baby muvas is here to collect the money owed to them. It has been reported that Stevie J owes 1.28 million dollars in back child support. Carol Bennet who is the mother of two of Stevie’s children has come forth demanding that he pays her and according to the NYC office of child support he needs to be coughing up $1,051,841.70. HipHopGossipSite reports:

Under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, it is a crime to leave a state owing more than $10,000 in unpaid child support arrears for more than 2 years. Mr. Jordan (Stevie) owed more than 20 times that when he left New York to live in the state of Georgia. 

Because of this a warrant has been issued for Stevie’s arrest.

Prior to Stevie and Carol’s breakup, Carol was a producer who allegedly helped catapult Stevie’s career. Stevie brought in millions of dollars because of multiple hit records he produced during the time he spent at Bad Boy Records. So baby muva ain’t trying to hear nothing but the coins being dropped into her bank account.

Peep the warrant below.stevie-j-warrant

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