Spring 2014 Shopping Guide: 10 Must Have Pieces To Add To Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring 2014 Shopping Guide: 10 Must Have Pieces To Add To Your Spring Wardrobe


It is finally April! And it feels good to say that pretty much the entire US has had their first feel of spring- temperatures. The East Coast is finally reaching 55+, the West Coast has already had their first pool-friendly days and even a hint of pre-summer heat has graced our Southern roots. All of this has us looking forward to spring cleaning our closets, ridding of our winter wardrobes and transitioning into the sweet heat of spring & summer weather.

Most ladies have been scanning the internet, piling up their virtual shopping carts and heading into the malls more frequently but aren’t all of us really wondering what we need to buy? Luckily I’ve done most of the legwork for you with the help and inspiration of some of our favorite fashionistas including Ciara, J. Lo, the Kardashian sisters and many more. After hours of scrolling through some of our fave online sites to actually window shopping a few of our most reliable brick & mortar establishments I found the answer.

Hints this week-long guide on the 10 MUST HAVE PIECES TO ADD TO YOUR SPRING WADROBE

Everday this week I will provide in depth shopping assistance on these must have items… answering where to find them, how much they cost and providing color & trend info along the way…

1- The Trench Coat

2-  High-Waist Jean

3-  High-Waist Skirt

4- Crop Top

5- Fit & Flare Sundress

6- Moto Jacket

7- Baseball Hat

8- Gladiator Sandal

9- The Classic Pump

10-  Tiny Lady Bag

Get your pocketbooks ready ladies! I am going to help you revamp these wardrobes and get your spring fashions in check! See you tomorrow-


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