Russell Wilson Shares Fave Moment From His Wedding Day + Talks Of Starting A Family

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Newly wed Russell Wilson is obviously still on a natural high from his recent wedding day. And although we’re sure the football star and his wifey Ciara created a plethora of special moments that day, Russell has shared his favorite with us.

He told E News:

The best part was watching her walk down the isle. Just to see her face and the long train she had.

And then, Earth Wind and Fire just took the night away.

He expressed the love he has for baby Future but when it comes to having kids of their own it probably won’t be any time soon. He says:

Down the road. Obviously. I love kids, she does too. Ya’ know God willing. As long as they’re healthy, that’s what we pray for. Whether it’s a boy or girl who knows but we have some time for that. She’s making her music right now and I’m playing sports and hosting shows.

Catch it below.


As you may or may not know, Ci Ci and Russell jumped the broom on Tuesday, July 5th at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. Ciara said her I Do’s in a custom made Roberto Cavalli gown. They had over 100 guest in attendance, including Ci Ci’s bestie Jennifer Hudson. Other best friends such as La La and Kelly Rowland were bridesmaids in the wedding.

Check out the photos in the photo gallery below.


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