Rick Ross On Chelsea Lately Show: Brushes 50 Cent Question Off And Talks Having A Personal Female Blunt Roller


Chelsea Handler is a frisky little thing. LOL. 

Rick Ross stopped by The Chelsea Lately show last night to promote his latest album Mastermind, and when he got there the hilarious television host greeted him with more than open arms chile more like open legs. HA!

When she brought up 50 cent, who just so happens to be her ex boo thang, Ross brushed it off.

You know I’m really through talking about dog. When I look up at the scorebored we are winning, BIG!

Talk heavy Ross!

While we’re on the subject of talking heavy. Ross confirmed that he has his own personal female blunt roller. When Chelsea asked how’d he find her, he replied: 

She was at a dispensary. She had beautiful green eyes and she was just rolling them so perfectly and I said, “Wow come do that for me.”

He got moneyyyy. HA!

Watch the interview below.

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