Remy Ma Visits Wendy Williams Show: Talks Life After Prison, Music And More

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 She around!

Yesterday Remy Ma stopped by the Wendy Williams show for a little chit chat. While there Wendy asked Remy what was one of the first things she did once she got out of prison. Remy says she took a shower, ate some Popeyes then got her hair done. HA! She also told Wendy that while she was locked up she got into a few altercations over her show because there was only one tv for 60 girls and Remy would argue that she’s watching Wendy.

Remy also talked about how she maintained her relationship with her son and husband Papoose while she was locked up. She mentioned that staying in contact via phone and letters are very important. Having conjugal visits probably helped their marriage out a lot, I’m just sayin’. Hehe.

When asked about Nicki Minaj she explained that there is no beef and even shouted her out during her freestyle rap. Remy’s new mixtape I’m Around will drop later this week.

Get into the interview below.

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