Porsha Williams Provoked By Kenya Moore’s Prop Tactics At The Reunion?

Kenya Moore got just what she was asking for on Sunday night at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. This year the queen of props turned things up a notch by ditching her chinese fan for a princess wand and a scepter. This year the cast wasn’t beat for her shenanigans, Porsha Williams in particular. After Kenya pulled out her props provoking Porsha by calling her dumb and accusing her of cheating on her ex-husband, Porsha was fed up, called Kenya “a hoe from the 90′s”, snatched Kenya by the head and drug her all over that set. After Porsha realized what she had done she cried out:

I can’t believe I did that! I can’t believe I did that! I’ve embarrassed myself! I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe that ratchet hoe made me go there!

All 4.13 million viewers were probably feeling bad for Porsha at this point.

But was Porsha provoked?

Arguably that may or may not have been the case. See for yourself below.

Later Andy asked Porsha to go home. But maybe he realized that Kenya’s prop tactics were a bit much. He tweeted:

It’s official – no more props at reunions.

Welp we still have two more parts to go.

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