Photos Emerged: Ludacris Fathers A Baby Outside Of His Relationship With Long-Term Girlfriend

Just when we were starting to get over the news of Dwayne Wade’s baby outside of his relationship with Gabrielle Union, it seems like another celeb is following suit.

In just one week, Ludacris becomes the second high profile celebrity to have news broken about a baby outside of his relationship. Coincidentally enough, Cai Bella Bridges, born December 9th, was conceived during a “break” from his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan.

So who’s the baby mama?

According to, the mother of Ludacris’s newborn child is reportedly a “friend” from high school named Tamika Fuller. Legal documents obtained by TMZ show that Ludacris (worth $12 million) only earns $25,842 a month setting his child support payments to a mere $1, 754 per month under Georgia law.

Congratulations to him but let’s just hope this “baby during breaks” business doesn’t become a trend in 2014.

Peep another flick of Tameka at her baby shower below.



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