Personal Story: On Being Fired From Job “I was asked to leave IMMEDIATELY”

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It has been 6 months since the launch of and I have yet to sit down and write up a personal story of myself. I’m sure you guys want to know more abut the woman behind the brand. Welp here goes nothing!

Recently, I shared a short story about how I just recently got fired from my 9 to 5 job on instagram, but I wanted to go more in depth with you guys about the story because so many people were inspired by the post.

It was all good just a week ago. LOL.

Okay so five months after college I landed a media sales job and when I first started out I loved it, I really did. It was everything that I wanted pretty much. I had an office job, salary based pay and I was constantly being challenged with the day to day activities. I love being challenged but only in positive ways but soon those challenges became more of headache than anything else. I felt like I was constantly trying to prove myself to certain people and whatever I did wasn’t good enough. Folks went out of their way to run in the manager’s office to tell on me. Not to mention my immediate supervisor nagged and complained about everything and the way she went about certain things were extremely unprofessional. It got to the point where I literally told her not to talk to me outside of any work that she needs for me to do.

Once I started the blog things got worse. Individuals in the office became jealous of me expanding my horizons. Which is something that I will never understand because clearly we all have the same opportunities out here. So if you want something go get it ! Anywho, I distanced myself from everyone and it was simply because I was no longer interested in the he say, she say gossip that was circulating the office. Instead I became more business minded and made my number one priority. But instead of folks being happy for me and offering to help they sat back and talked about me over salads and light croutons. No worries though I kept my focus and energy on the website and no lie, seeing all of the positive comments from my readers made those days in the office a lot easier and helped lower my stress levels.


Last week, I walked in late and was asked to leave IMMEDIATELY after having been put on three 30-day probations in a row. Yes! I was put on a 90 day probation for absolutely nothing. One day I asked to go to Wawa around 2:30 to go grab a sub, which is normal because we make store runs all the time on the clock. But I was told that because I asked to go at 2:30 that means I was doing “other things” (a.k.a. blogging) during my lunch which was unacceptable and was one of the reasons that I was being put on probation lol. Didn’t know grabbing a sub would get me in so much trouble, damn you Wawa!

Not by any means am I going to sit here and say that I was a perfect assistant. I’ve had days where I’ve messed up and could’ve done better but it was all a valuable learning experience. I learned so much from the company and from both my supervisors and I know the skills that I’ve acquired will be beneficial to my future. I could have channeled their negative energy into negative actions but I chose to use it as motivation. The motivation for me is proving that I can do something when others don’t believe that I am capable. And, my supervisor being a total bit-h towards me didn’t hurt me. It helped me. That too was motivation for me to go hard, so I thank her for that. She couldn’t have done a better job. Ha!

I say all of that to say, GO HARD! No matter the circumstance and no matter what may be going on around you find what it is that you are passionate about and start working. When you are passionate about it, you don’t have to get paid for it because you love what you are doing and know that the money will come once you put in the work. If you are currently unemployed and are looking for work but can’t seem to land anything, DON’T GIVE UP! Believe that you are going to get a job, wake up everyday and grind and I guarantee something will happen for you!

I hope that you can use my story as motivation/inspiration. Have a great day everyone!

11 Replies to “Personal Story: On Being Fired From Job “I was asked to leave IMMEDIATELY””

  1. You are a great person inside and out and you will accomplish everything!! Your such an inspiration to me as we’ll others!! You are going to go very far britt and I can’t wait to see u rise to the top <3!!

  2. I always say never allow pushing someone else’s ‘vision’ to exhaust you, to the point where you can’t push your own! This is your time! I believed in you before, and I won’t stop now! Much Love Kid

  3. I loved this! So needed to hear something like this because after six years with Walmart I’m leaving them to start a new career and i had a job recently doing housekeeping at the hospital. I thought i had the best job ever i finally got in to a place thats hard, but then i let it go. I was ashamed i let the job go but i learned housekeeping wasnt for me. Im way more of a people person to help others. That landed me back at walmart once again. Although i sometimes hate the way the mgrs run things this job stuck with me when i left them for a whole month. Bittersweet to leave but i learned to start new opportunities and this blog helped me today. I never really read your full stories this my first one. Thanks for this! Keep up the good work!

  4. This was inspiring, like no lie. You about to blow up cuz. Also I saw that you wanted suggestions on my mom Instagram, so you should make like a kids/teens corner where you talk about the younger celebrities. If you you need help I could right a couple stories you know. Anyways good job on the blog and I know you you gone do something great. They fired you, but now you got more time to grind.

  5. Hey cuz this is Coop, I am so proud of you, we need to def link up and set things on Fire…..

  6. Congratulations! It’s nice to see a fellow hornet following her passion and doing something that she loves. Everything happens for a reason and clearly there are bigger and better things out there for you. It’s also nice to see that you went out and took charge of your future which is such a scary thing. I wish you the best and your story is inspiring. Go Girl!

  7. I love you B!! You are an inspiration to many and at rue go-getter!!!! When you sitting pretty in the news media, just watch how fast those same alters come running for the action!

  8. this is absolutely what I’ve been wanting to read. it’s good to see that others can help motivate others by their life stories. like you said your supervisor only made you go harder and grind more for what you really had a passion for doing. keep grinding because your only going to go higher and your brand will only expand bigger. your going places and I support your brand/movement

  9. Inspiring!! Similar firing incident happened to me in March ….confused by the lies, ugly behaviours, and shifts in genuineness of my “co-workers”…..i was hurt! Knowing that was really my release and freedom i had been praying for…who knew it was going to go down as it did. From that moment i knew im not meant to work for others…but to GO HARD on my own biz!!! Knowing that GOD has bigger plans for me gets me up every morning to work harder on the growth of my biz…..remember, when the devil thinks he’s closed one door, GOD is opening up another—but you must have faith to walk through the door GOD has just opened for you. #1featherlicious #customswarovskiheelsk

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