Kanye West Compliments French Paparazzi And Lets Them Take Pictures


Although Yeezy seems to hate the paparazzi, he actually doesn’t mind taking pictures. It’s the questioning that he hates!

Kim and Kanye are normally known to have their disputes with the paparazzi, especially Yeezy, but while in Paris, France, Kanye and the paparazzi seemed to have gotten along. While awaiting the ruling for the courtroom drama that occurred between the Yeezus rapper and the trespassing camera man, Kanye was videotaped being awfully friendly to the French paparazzi. Yes, Kanye actually complimented the paparazzi!

The otherwise paparazzi hating rapper offered a thank-you to a French camera man for being “respectable” by just taking his picture instead of annoying him with questions. Kanye takes his kindness to another level by addressing a woman who apparently had no idea who Kanye West was. Instead of going off into one of his famous antics, when the French lady asked “Who is that?”, he politely introduced himself by saying, “Hi , Im Kanye West”. Who knows maybe this is the start of something new. Whatever it may be we like the new “Kindye”

Watch the whole thing go down below.  (more…)

Photos Inside: Rihanna Covers Glamour Magazine


Joseline or nah? Ha!

Rihanna took her wet set and glammed it up for the cover of Glamour Magazine. The singer kept it very simple while wearing a black top, accessories and a pinkish/nude lip.

Nowadays we are used to seeing Rihanna wear bold lipsticks such as plum, pink and red but that wasn’t always the case for the singer. Back in 2011 when she covered Glamour Mag she told them about how she wasn’t allowed to wear colors like that at he start of her career.

We had a young fan base and they were trying to keep me fresh. But, I just wanted to be myself. I wanted to be sassy, the attitude, all these things that I am.

See more pics from the spread below. (more…)

2013 BET Hip Hop Awards: Celebrity Photos And Show Spoilers


The 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards took place this past Saturday at the Civic Center in Atlanta. Celebrities like Bambi, Meek Mill, Tahiry Tiffany Foxx (Lil Kim’s artist), 2 Chainz, Floyd Mayweather, Tiara Thomas, Rick Ross, Scrappy, Nelly, Kevin Hart, Lil’ Kim and so many more showed loved to the green carpet in their stylish choices of clothing.


The show started at 5 p.m. and was entertaining from start to finish. Snoop Dogg was the host of this year’s show and he made a grand entrance by (more…)

T.I. Talks Fatherly Duties And More In Upscale Magazine

tiuspacle1T.I. is covering the latest issue of Upscale Magazine. Inside, T.I. discusses his fatherly duties as well as the “shift” of his image. The rapper also talks about the success with hit single Blurred Lines and how his former publisher’s loss was his come up. T.I. asked Warner Chapel, who at the time was his publisher, for 7 million dollars and the company rejected him. According to T.I:

They said, ‘Nah, no.’ And I said, ‘Ok, cool’ and we walked away amicably. And now the Robin Thicke record was the number one record in the world and I am the sole publisher because they didn’t want to cash me out. So thank you, Warner Chapel.

Ha! Don’t sleep on him. Check out more of the interview below. (more…)

Kanye West Spazzes Out On Paparazzi In His Driveway: “Shut The Fu-k Up. It’s 4am You Blood-Sucking Mosquito”


A not in the mood for this Kanye West was pissed when he saw paparazzi in his diveway at 4 a.m. on Friday when he walked outside. Kanye and Kim were apparently headed for the airport which is normally where they get greeted by camera men but not this time. Apparently because Kanye is facing charges from his last run-in with the papz his lawyer told him not to fly out of LAX airport to avoid these type of situations so the two were taking a private jet. Unbeknownst to Yeezy the papz were determined to get a story from Ye so they met him at his doorstep.

As soon as Kanye walked outside the papz began to hound him with camera flashes and questions.

Papz: How’s it going Kanye?

Kanye: Don’t say anything to me, man. Stop asking me questions. (more…)

Drake Flirts With His Ex-Girlfriend And New Host Keshia Chante On Set Of 106 & Park

drake-and-keshiaDrake-Keshia2Love was definitely in the air when Drake hit up 106 & Park to promote his new Nothing Was The Same album. While there Drake and fellow Toronto native Keshia Chante took a trip down memory lane for the entire 106 & Park audience and viewers.

Keshia started the story off by telling everyone how “thirsty” Drizzy was when they first met on the set of Degrassi. Keisha claimed that Drake registered an account in her name on message board and sent out a message claiming that the two were in a relationship. Drake laughed it off and in the most polite way he began to compliment and flirt with Keshia by telling her how nice she looked and how pretty she is.

When the old photo popped up in the background of the formal couple, Drake stated, “Look at us. We should have some babies, we look good together.” That was right after he brought up the diss record he geared towards her a few years back after their breakup. keshdrake

Watch it all below. (more…)

Wale Talks Being A Role Model And The Type Of Women He Dates In Rolling Out Magazine

cover_Wale_w-650x824MMG’s Gifted rapper Wale graces the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. The D.C. native ditched his formal street wear for a suit and tie. In the mag, he talks being a role model, male rappers expression of feelings, and the type of women he’s into.

Check out the details of the interview and pics below. (more…)

Celebs Stylishly Hit The Red Carpet For “Baggage Claim” Premiere


A few of our favorite celebs hit the red carpet for the premiere of Baggage Claim.

The new romantic comedy stars Paula Patton as Montana Moore, a 30-something year old woman who works as a flight attendant for a local airline. When she hears the news that her little sister, played by Lauren London, is engaged to be married, Montana and her friends set out to find her a man in 30 days or less. Being that 30 days isn’t enough time to find a new man, Montana must fish through a sea of exes to find the right guy.

The David E. Talbort directed film is in theaters today. Catch of few of the red carpet looks below. (more…)

Nicki Minaj Suffers A Nip Slip After Refusing Bra Offer From Ellen DeGeneres


While out promoting her latest fragrance Minajesty, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen Show for a quick chat. For her appearance Nicki Minaj wore an outfit that left host Ellen puzzled and got A LOT of buzz from Nicki’s Barbz.

Nicki’s ensemble for the DAYTIME talk show included high wasted pants, a gold belt and a cropped black jacket. So what’s so shocking about that? Well, for one Nicki chose to go shirtless and bra less underneath and left just one button closed revealing her breasts!

Almost immediately after walking out onto set (more…)

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