Foxy Brown Refuses To Pay For $900 Sew In Weave

Foxy-BrownReally Foxy?

All hell broke loose when Foxy Brown decided that she wasn’t coming out of pocket, after getting her hair laid to the gawds. According to the hair stylist, she claimed that after she finished Foxy’s hair Foxy loved it and began dancing around the shop. To her surprise Foxy also danced right on up out of the shop without paying for her hair. But Foxy wasn’t getting off that easy.

The Brooklyn hair stylist followed Foxy and videotaped her threatening that if she didn’t pay her the $900 that she was going to release the video to the blogs. Foxy looked like she didn’t give a damn. Ha.

Watch it below. (more…)

Suzie Laughs At Domestic Abuse Joke Geared Towards Evelyn: “Maybe She Should Wear A Helmet”

evelyn-lozada-and-suzie-bbwIs Suzie being messy already?

In the latest trailer for Basketball Wives Season 5 Suzie thought it was okay to laugh at a joke that was geared towards Evelyn’s domestic abuse incident. In the short clip you’ll see Suzie laughing at new cast mate Tasha when Tasha decided to throw shade at Evelyn by saying, “Maybe she should wear a helmet on a date.” In the following scene, Evelyn wasn’t happy at all and made it her business to approach Suzie about it.

Ev also posted a photo on instagram and captioned it:

“So u thought that was funny” Just seen the BBW5 clip! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NEVER FUNNY! #Ignorant

Watch the clip below. (more…)

Lil Mama Takes The Stage With Chili And T-Boz For TLC Performance At Mixtape Festival

lil-mama-chilli-t-boz-ihatemypublicistI don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. 

Over this past weekend, Lil Mama held it down for Left Eye while taking the stage with Chili and T-Boz at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey Park. The Lip Gloss rapper lit up the stage with her high energy and funky dance moves. After the show she tweeted:

Serial Experience Sharing the stage with a Legendary Group. An Honor. #ilovelefteye #goneinflesh

They definitely took us back with their No Scrubs performance. Watch it below.  (more…)

Watch Trailer: Jay-Z “Picasso Baby” Set To Be Released On HBO

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 10, 2013 jay-z-picasso-baby-trailer2Hov spent six straight hours performing his Picasso Baby track in front of a live audience at the Pace Gallery in NYC. Now he is offering a sneak peek into the the video which is going to be premiered on HBO on August 2nd at 11 p.m. Celebrities such as Wale and Taraji P. Henson will be making cameos throughout the Mark Romanek directed video.

In the preview Jay explains:

Rap is thinking out loud, and you’re putting your fears and your vulnerabilities and your insecurities to music. Concerts are pretty much performance art, and a smaller venue is a bit more intimate, so you feel the energy of the people.

Watch the trailer below. (more…)

Nicki Minaj Spotted Wearing A Huge Engagement Ring

nicki-minaj-spotted-wearing-huge-ring-ihatemypublicistNicki Minaj does a great job at keeping people guessing when it comes to her relationship. Right now she has us wondering more than ever.

Over the weekend Nicki Minaj was spotted wearing a huge rock on her ring finger, after kicking it with her high school friends over dinner. Although she acts as if she and Safaree aren’t together, SB has also been rocking a matching gold ring, which has sparked the rumor that the longtime couple has run off and gotten married. But this story gets tricky.

Just last week DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj via a viral MTV video. In the video he says:

I’m gonna be honest, I love you. (more…)

New Couple Alert ? Kelly Rowland And Pusha T

kelly-pusha-tNow that Kelly Rowland has aired out all of her dirty laundry is it safe to say that Pusha T is the guy that has been kissing her down low? Kelly recently reported that she was dating someone, but over the weekend via instagram she may have made it crystal clear who that special someone is.

Kelly and the Grindng rapper, Pusha T, were photographed at Prive Nightclub in Atlanta. Now we don’t know if these two are really dating or not but judging off of the caption she wrote under the pic, featured above, via instagram, it may be safe to say that they are. Under the photo she wrote, “I love you baby ! #streetlife @kingpush”.

Ay what can we say, Kelz told us before, “If ya status ain’t hood, I ain’t checkin for ya betta be street if ya lookin for me!” See more photos below. (more…)

New Video: Nick Cannon “Me Sexy”

nick-me-sexyNick Cannon definitely has something up his sleeves with his new album called White People Party Music coming this fall. This is not any regular rap album either, rumor has it that his album is set too boost back up his comedian image. Every single track will contain knee slapping and tear jerking eye balls from laughing so hard. Earlier this week he released his first music video off the album called Me Sexy, co-staring Efron Rameriz who you may know as Pedro from the comedy Napoleon Dynamite. Need we say more?

Check out the hilarious video below: (more…)

Listen Now: K. Michelle Releases “Rebellious Soul” Sampler

k-michelle-samplerWe have seen K. Michelle and grown to love her spicey personality on the tv screen through Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and we all know how important her music career is to her. Finally after a bumpy road K’s big time is almost near. Her album Rebellious Soul is only a couple of weeks away. With that approaching, K gives us a taste of five songs off of her forthcoming album with songs such as, Cant Raise a Man, Damn, Hate On Her, I Don’t Like Me, and When I Get A Man.

Listen to the soulful songs below.  (more…)

Jay Z Surprises Beyonce And Runs Out On Stage During Her Show In Philadelphia

jayz-surprises-beyonce-in-philly-at-showJay-z-surpirses-beyonce-at-philly-show2Beyonce is still traveling the world on her Mrs. Carter World Tour and last night the singer brought her talents to Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. Just as Beyonce was wrapping up Halo and on the brink of shouting out her on stage crew, her hubby runs out on stage. By the way her fans were screaming when Hov ran out on stage, let Bey know that something was up. But, by the time she turned around Jay had already grabbed her up and kissed her. Jay sure does know how to keep a smile on Beyonce’s face.

Watch it below. (more…)

Watch: TLC Biopic Sneak Peek Has Been Released

TLC-Biopic-Sneak-PeekAs we already know Drew Sidora, Lil Mama and Ke Ke Palmer has snagged the roles of Chilli, Left Eye and T-Boz for the upcoming TLC biopic. We have to admit, these ladies definitely nailed the looks of the girl group. The sneak peek to the movie has been released and this is what VH1 had to say about it:

In this first look of the film, which will air this October on VH1, Lil Mama (Left Eye), Keke Palmer (Chilli), and Drew Sidora (T-Boz) morph into their roles perfectly and we watch as the best-selling female R&B group ever gets their start. The film, which was executive produced by surviving members Chilli and T-Boz, features the struggles, the rise to fame, and of course the music, that made us want to dance, sing along, and jokingly put a condom on our left eye when the moment felt right. The film is just one more milestone in this group’s history, and VH1 is thrilled to be a part of it.

Watch the trailer below.


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