Jaden Smith Thinks It’s Okay To Drop Out Of School: “Education Is Rebellion”

Jaden-Smith-Tweets-For-Kids-To-Drop-Out-SchoolPerhaps it was a mere slip of the keyboard, but a recent tweet from Jaden Smith urging kids to drop out of school has landed him in hot water!

Yesterday news broke that Jaden (who is home schooled), tweeted to followers that they should quit school! The tweets however weren’t taken so lightly as the 15-year-old, has more than 4.5 million twitter followers. With such a huge following, Jaden’s tweets are looked at by so many and these days, fans take things like that seriously. But is it okay for us to put so much pressure on Jaden to be politically correct about what he’s saying?

While some think Jaden’s tweets should be monitored, others say  that we should just let Jaden be what he is… a rambling teenager.

Take a look at some of the reactions and sound off below. (more…)

Waka Flocka And His Fiance Confirms Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors

waka_flocka_tammy_riveraLooks like the rumors are true!

Waka Flocka revealed that we can in fact expect him to appear on Love & Hip Hop for the next season. While chatting it up with The Breakfast Club, Waka was asked about Gucci Mane’s latest meltdown and the rumors that he and his girlfriend have signed on to join  Mona Scott Young’s most lucrative money maker Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

On his girlfriend Tammy Waka said:

I been with Tammy…til’ this day she ain’t never asked me for a dollar. Only thing she like is clothes. She’s obsessed with fashion…she’d trade in fashion for me.

As for Love and Hip Hop ATL, Waka said he won’t be a regular cast member and will only be making “appearances”.

I’m not doing LAHH, my fiancée doing LAHH. I’ll be on an episode or two.

Check out the full interview and what Waka Flocka had to say about the latest with Gucci Mane. (more…)

New Video: J. Cole “Crooked Smile”

J-Cole-Crooked-Smile1photo 2 (11)J-Cole-Crooked-Smile2photo 1 (12)photo 3 (10)Wow!

J. Cole has dedicated his new video Crooked Smile to Aiyana-Stanley Jones. Aiyana was a seven year old African-American girl from Detroit, Michigan who was shot by a police officer while the Detroit swat team was raiding her house. Her death drew national media attention back in 2010.

As we already know J. Cole always send deep messages through his visuals. Originally the video was shot in Brooklyn but he wanted a story concept so he chose to shoot it over. He told MissInfo:

We have to re-shoot it. It came out nice but it just didn’t come out exactly how I wanted. It’s such an important song so I want the visual to match. If this was my first video than I would have panicked.

Watch it below. (more…)

Big Sean And His Girlfriend Naya Rivera Give Seductive Tease In Terry Richardson Photos

Big-Sean-And-Naya-RiveraThey betta werk!

What was supposed to be a photo shoot featuring just Naya for her album cover turned into a sexy spread of Big Sean and Naya giving seductive tease. The couple wore his and her outfits while rocking black shirts, shorts and construction boots. Naya rocked her sexy boob crop top extremely well. One wrong move and we would’ve certainly got a nip slip shot. Ha! The photos were shot by Terry Richardson who’s known for shooting celebrities such as Rihanna.

In the photos featured below you might catch Big Sean showing off his chest. Oh Goddd! Peep more flicks below.  (more…)

Ciara Responds To Woman Cyber Bully: “This Person Thinks It’s Cool 2 Talk About People”

Ciara-Cyber-Bully-2Ciara is not fond of the hate. If it’s not her “feuds” with Rihanna or Keri Hilson, she’s constantly forced to defend herself on social media. Well, there’s only so much the singer can take and Ciara decided recently to take matters into her own hands and give one of her haters, some spotlight!

Yesterday, after yet another attack on twitter, Ciara decided to confront the bully and address the hate she’s been constantly spewing at Ciara. The bully wrote things on twitter such as:

The matrix came out in 2001 why are u still doing it ?

I wish you would sit yo dancing a– down (more…)

Mister Cee Stars In Aids Awareness Sexual Freedom PSA

Mister Cee PSA 2Since the Mister Cee scandal broke last week, it’s been quite an emotional roller coaster for the New York DJ. Now after just a few days of keeping pretty quiet and to himself, Mister Cee is back and putting a positive spin on his story.

Putting the power back into his hands, Mister Cee released a new PSA, partnering with the AIDS Health Foundation to promote safe sex. In the PSA, Mister Cee also addressed his sexuality following the leaked video of him propositioning a male prostitute and gives us a little bit more insight into who he is, how he felt after the leak and then some.

Mister Cee doesn’t openly come right out and say his sexual orientation, but does explain his unique lifestyle and promotes this new, “Sexual Freedom” movement. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of Mister Cee’s PSA. (more…)

Willow Smith Performs “Summer Fling” On “Queen Latifah” Talk Show

willow-queen-latifahWillow Smith performed yesterday afternoon on Queen Latifah’s self titled new talk show. The youngest of the Smith’s performed her single Summer Fling featuring her band Melodic Chaotic. Its no surprise that the 12 year old singer performed on the show seeing as though her parents, Will and Jada Smith, are the executive producers.

Willow’s new “group” thats been formed to debut some music outside of Willow’s age range has been described as “Willow is Melodic on the vocals and DJ Fabrega is Chaotic on the beats.” Ha! Clever. Check out Willow’s performance below. Shawty sounds good!Screen-shot-2013-09-16-at-3.43.24-PM (more…)

Are Rihanna And Drake Secretly Dating Again?

drake-rihannaAre these two secretly hooking up again or nah?

Rihanna and Drake are the King and Queen when it comes to subliminals, especially about their “hush hush” relationship. Whether it be through twitter or a song such as Marvin”s Room or Take Care we can always count on them to keep us guessing. Speaking of hint throwing, last night Rihanna hopped on twitter and had her fans wondering who she was referring to when he tweeted this:

It’s yours…nobody else’s

Guess whose it is

Then she wrote: (more…)

Beyonce Performs At The “Rock In Rio” Fest + Personal Pics of Bey

beyrio2Right before her performance at one of the world’s largest music festivals, “Rock In Rio”. The singing superstar also attended a press conference at the Estádio Plácido Aderaldo Castelão in Fortalezaheld prior to her performance where she expressed her love for the country of Brazil saying:

It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve never met so many people with so much passion and I am so excited to be here. It doesn’t feel like I’m working, it feels like a vacation. (more…)

Jennifer Hudson Throws 80′s Themed Party For Her 32nd Birthday


Keke-Jennifer-and-Chrisette-1Jennifer Hudson celebrated her 32nd birthday with friends and family in her hometown of Chicago and by friends we mean a host of R&B divas including Chrisette Michelle and KeKe Wyatt.  The Oscar award winning actress celebrated 80′s style rocking a black one piece suit with see through bra top, paired with a BOSS belt, pink leg warmers and electric blue pumps.

J.Hud is among the many celebrities celebrating their birthday in the month of September including Beyonce, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Nas, Wale and more. Get into these pics below. (more…)

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