New Video: Nelly ft. Pharell And Nicki Minaj

nelly-pharell-nicki-minaj-get-like-me-ihatemypublicistNelly rounded up star studded entertainers, Nicki Minaj and Pharell, for his latest single, Get Like Me. The black and white visual has been released and reminds us of a modern day Bad Boy Mase and Puff Daddy video.

Nicki has definitely been paying attention to Scrappy on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta while spitting bars such as,

UNH! I’m the shizzniyee
You should follow my example – Bitch, i.e.
Cuz I’m front row, Isaac Mizrayee
In the truck but I ain’t suck diznayee

Well alrighty then. Let’s get into this video below. (more…)

Over At 106 & Park: Tyra Banks Plants A Huge Kiss On Bow Wow’s Lips

tyra-banks-and-bow-wow-kiss-106-&-park-ihatemypublicistTyra Banks had Bow Wow’s little hormones in a frenzy yesterday on 106 & Park.

Before the interviewing even began, Tyra and Bow Wow wanted to remind folks of the kiss that took place on the Tyra Show a while back. When Tyra had her show she invited Bow Wow on the show after he had been pressing her on twitter non-stop. Tyra said, “He wanted to know what them lips taste like, back in the day when I had a talk show, and I let him know what them lips tasted like.” Yesterday was no different as the two remixed it for the audience.

After showing the clip of the last kiss, Tyra went in for the kill. She scooted over closer to Bow Wow, wrapped her legs around him and gave the 106 & Park host a run for his money. What started off as a peck turned into some real kissing action. Bow Wow was super shocked. Ha!

Get into the kiss below. (more…)

Tamar Debuts First Ever Before Seen Photo Of Her Son Logan

photo (8)Finally! Tamar just released the first photo of baby Logan via instagram.

The new mommy was really honest about her baby boy in an exclusive interview she did with Good Morning America. Unlike most mothers this morning, Tamar let it be known that she didn’t immediately connect with her child.

I loved him, you know. But I wasn’t like ‘oh, gosh, yes my baby, ooh,’ you know. It wasn’t that. It was more like what do I do now, you know?

She continued to dish on her emotions throughout the interview.

On feeling unattached to her child:

I guess in a sense I did feel unattached because


DMX Is $1 -$10 Million In Debt And Files For Bankruptcy

DMXYou would think that after performing sold out shows all over the country and selling over 30 million records worldwide that a person would have something to show for it. Not in DMX’s case.

Due to poor financial decisions, the rapper has had to file for bankruptcy. The rapper filed for bankruptcy on Monday and among his debts, DMX owes more than $1.24 million in child support and more than $21,000 on an auto lease. DMX’s assets amounts to less than $50,000 and he has $1 million to $10 million in debt. A statement has been released from the rapper’s camp, read it below. (more…)

New Video: Justin Timberlake “Take Back The Night”

justin-timberlake-take-back-the-night-video-650-430-e1375237923482 video-justin-timberlakes-take-back-the-nightJustin Timberlake is looking for a woman to share his night with in his Michael Jackson inspired video titled Take Back The Night.

Throughout the visual, Justin showcases his fancy dance moves in front of a NYC Chinese restaurant and on stage in front of a live audience while singing about just hooking up with a female for the night and not caring about it tomorrow.

I wanna do something right
But we can do something better
Ain’t no time like tonight
And we ain’t trying to save it ’til later
Stay out here living the life
Nobody cares who we are tomorrow
You got that lil’ something I like
A little something I’ve been wanting to borrow

Watch the video below. (more…)

Solange Performs Cover To Nivea’s “Laundromat” Inside Of A Laundromat

Solange-performs-in-a-laundromat-ihatemypublicistSolange put on a not so cliche performance in Brooklyn at the Atlantis Super Wash Center (a.k.a laundromat). Her performance was a part of the Uncapped series for Fader Magazine and Vitamin Water. The fashionista rocked a printed short set and printed heels that were designed by Pereen.

The concept of performing in a laundromat is really dope but Solange not only performed in a laundromat. The Indie singer took her performance to the next level by singing Nivea’s classical tune, Laundromat.

Listen below. (more…)

Nicki Minaj On DJ Khaled’s Proposal: “I Was Shocked With The Rest Of The World”

busta-rhymes-ft-nicki-minaj-twerk-it-ihatemypublicistBy now you have probably already heard that Khaled’s proposal to Nicki Minaj was fake.

According to Khaled, he explained that he did it because that is just how he was feeling at the time and because it was an extension of their new song, I Wanna Be With You. The song features DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, Future and Rick Ross. Yesterday when Funk Master Flex called Nicki to talk about the new single he also asked about the bizarre proposal. Nicki shared that she was just as shocked as the rest of the world.

I was shocked with the rest of the world. And I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world, because he’s like, you know a master at what he does. You know he’s a DJ, hype-man, entrepreneur, all of those wrapped in one. He was just like, “Yo that’s how I was feeling, you know what ‘m saying it’s just an extension of the song.” And I was just like, “Whatever Khaled.”

Listen to their new single below. (more…)

New Video: Joseline Hernandez “Shotz”

joseline-hernandez-shotz2-ihatemypublicistjoseline-hernandez-shotz-ihatemypublicistJust because you start off in the strip club, doesn’t mean that’s where you finish -Joseline Hernandez

The video, as seen on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta last week, that was shot in Puerto Rico is finally here.

In the video, Joseline revisited her past life as she danced seductively in a strip club. Throughout the other scenes she and Stevie J. hugged up on one another on the beach. Although the name of the video is titled Shotz, the Puerto Rican Princess wasn’t singing about liquor. Instead she referenced things like getting money, rocking Chanel purses and flaunting her body. At least this video is partly in English.

Watch the video below. Explicit content. (more…)

Keyshia Cole’s Husband Boobie Turns Himself In On Assault And Battery Charges

Keyshia-Cole-husband-Boobie-ihatemypublicistKeyshia Cole’s hubby Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson turned himself in to the New Orleans police department yesterday.

According to the statement Boobie wrote he was involved in an incident while out with his wife Keyshia Cole in New Orleans at the Essence Festival. Apparently a guy thought it was cool to yell inappropriate comments to Keyshia which resulted in Boobie taking matter into his own hands. Boobie wrote:

Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with (more…)

New Music: R. Kelly ft. 2 Chainz “My Story”

r-kelly-ft-2-chainz-this-is-my-story-ihatemypublicistThis is my story…. And I’m sticking to it, And I’m sticking to it

R. Kelly sings of humble beginnings turning into cocky spending in his new single,  My Story. Kelz gave us a preview of this track during his 2013 BET Award performance. R. Kelly sings lyrics like:

This is my story
Yeah, I’m from that Chi-town dirt
I went from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts
This is my story
Money, cars, bad hoes
This is my story
And I’m sticking to it (repeat)

The song features Georgia rapper 2 Chainz and is the first song to be released off of R. Kelly’s forthcoming album Black Panties. Listen below. (more…)

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