See Photos And Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Beyonce’s 2014 Calendar

beyonce-calendar1Yes Baddie!

Beyonce is serving in the photos from her 2014 calendar. Although the calendars aren’t useful until next year they were released and are available for purchase right now. Yes it’s still 2013 but who wouldn’t want to see Bey peeking from behind a door looking gorgeous as ever in a pair of latex booty shorts. And if you thought that was hot, there are more photos below plus a behind-the-scenes visual from the photo shoot.

Can’t get enough of Bey? See more. (more…)

Kanye West Explains Bringing Jesus On Stage, Illuminati And Why He Uses His “White Voice”


“Is that weird if Jesus comes on stage?” is the question that Kim Kardashian asked before Kanye West brought the religious figure on stage during his controversial performance this past weekend. Kanye obviously didn’t think it was weird but plenty of others not only felt as though it was weird but also disrespectful and blasphemous to the religion.

Kanye sat down with the folks of Wild 94.9  to discuss his reasoning for bringing Jesus on stage. Here’s what he had to say:

I had a friend of mine who was a pastor there and we discussed why we were going to do that. My girl even asked afterwards like ‘Is that weird if Jesus comes on stage?’ No! (more…)

Diddy Talks Revolt TV Launch With The Breakfast Club


The Wait Is Over!

Revolt TV has finally launched and Diddy is doing everything possible to promote his new cable network. The hip-hop mogul and self-proclaimed “King of New York” stopped by the Breakfast Club yesterday morning to chat about his new network and all of the things he has planned for the future.

During the interview, Diddy shared a few motivational words as he expressed his goals for his Revolt TV.

It was less than 200 years [ago] that we were slaves. I was really affected by  that movie [’12 Years a Slave’] and you gotta understand, I started out as an  intern, man. I started out getting coffee, cleaning bathrooms. (more…)

Tamar Braxton Goes Off On Rihanna’s Photographers For Messing Up Her ‘Hot Sugar’ Video


Tried HER!

So apparently all of the negative comments and opinions on the internet in regards to Tamar Braxton’s latest video Hot Sugar has struck a nerve for the R&B singer. Tamar is accusing the photographers and videographers who created the video for abandoning the project.

Photographers Gomillion and Leupoid, who are also responsible for the beautiful snapshots of Rihanna on her Diamonds World Tour, allegedly stepped off on the project to accompany Rihanna around the world. After the photographers posted several pics of RiRi in Greece for her Rivers Island collection, Tamar was fed up and made it a point to express how she really felt.

She goes off via Instagram below. (more…)

TLC Kills TV Ratings By Pulling In 4.5 Million Viewers!!!


VH1’s biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story broke the stations records with 4.5 million viewers tuning in to watch on Monday. The movie was the highest viewed telecast on VH1 in the last 5 years the TLC flick also pulled in the No.1 original cable movie of 2013.

Not only did the movie shatter ratings in TV, but was also the number one trending television program on twitter. Which makes plenty  of sense seeing as though  twitter went off on Pebbles and L.A. Reid. With ratings this good, VH1 will probably come out with another biopic, wonder whose next…hmm.

Congratulations to KeKe, Lil Mama, Drew, TLC, and Vh1!!

In case you missed it, check out the full movie below. (more…)

New Video: Azealia Banks- “ATM Jam” featuring Pharrell


Azealia Banks took a break from her usual twitter beefs to release the video for the second single from her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. After lending her vocals to Brittney Spears new song Work B-tch (remix), Banks teamed up with director Rony Alwin to create the colorful visuals for her new Pharrell assisted track ATM Jam.

Pharrell, who produced the single and sings the hook, is not featured in the new video. However, Azealia aka Yung Rapunzel, still manages to keep us interested with her hippy flower theme and hot bikini scenes.

Banks, accompanied by a few stylish friends, rocked her signature mermaid tresses as she rapped over the beat and busted a few dance moves.

Peep Azealia’s new video below. (more…)

Blue Ivy Rocks New Hairstyle While Kicking It With Beyonce In Australia


Looks like someone has been playing in Blue Ivy’s hair.

Beyonce has received a lot of backlash in the past about Blue Ivy’s hair, not that she cares but it looks as if someone has taken some initiative to try something different.

Before hitting the stage in Melbourne, Australia yesterday mama Bey kicked it with her beautiful daughter. The singer rocked a black Creme De La Creme sweatshirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. Blue sat on her mother’s hip with an iPhone 5 glued to her hand as she sported her new hair style. The 1 year old cutie normally rocks a curly fro but yesterday she was photographed with her hair twisted up making the same exact face as Bey was. Chile Blue stay with the face on, ha!

See more pics below. (more…)

Are They Dating? Nelly And Tae Heckard Share Bowling Date Photos


Nelly has never been the one to publicly profess his love for a female. He dated Ashanti for 10 years and although we saw tons of photos he never verbally admitted to dating her. Tae is no different. Recently, while on Wendy he dodged the question of being in a relationship with Tae and said that they were just friends. Well Nelly this pic has ‘Yes! I’m in love’  with Tae written all over it! Ha!

Although the two have been secretly dating for months, Tae gave us a glimpse of her date night with Nelly when she posted the above photo on Intagram. The two spent some time bowling and according to Tae, Nelly couldn’t keep up with her. She captioned the photo:

Him mad cause I’m a beast in bowling. #cookienomilk #imlying #ialmostsliddownthelanewiththeball #hehadtosaveme #ibeatblueanddeemarietho

In case you missed Nelly’s interview with Wendy, watch it below. (more…)

Kanye West Proposes To Kim Kardashian On Her Birthday

Kanye-West-gets-Engaged-To-Kim-Kardashian2Sweet Yeezus!

Last night, Kim Kardashian received the best birthday gift ever from her boyfriend and baby’s father Kanye West. Ye outdid himself by renting out the entire AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco in which he will be performing at tonight. What Kim thought was just a 33rd birthday celebration was actually her engagement ceremony.

Yeezy surprised Kim, her friends and her family members with a 15 karat ring, a live band and the words PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! written across the scoreboard. Big ups to Yeezy man!

Get into Kim’s stunning ring below. (more…)

Kanye West Rocks Shirt With Kim Kardashian On It And Leaves Paparazzo To Foot $12,000 Dinner Bill


It’s very rare that we see Kanye wearing a smile but not so rare to see him wearing a shirt with his girlfriend’s face plastered on it. Before his controversial performance in Seattle yesterday, Ye was photographed rocking a crisp white tee with Kim Kardashian’s face and naked body covered in jewels screen printed on it. Ye loves it when Kim posts sexy photos of her body on the gram so what better way for him to show support! Gotta love it!

In other Yeezy news…

Word on the curb is that Ye may have gotten himself into some more trouble. According to CreamBMP, the rapper invited the paparazzo, who he “assaulted” last  month at LAX airport, and his family out to dinner in hopes to settle their legal dispute. All was going well until the paparazzo told Kanye that he was not dropping the assault charges that he placed on him. Uhhh wrong answer!

Before walking away from the table Kanye stated the following: (more…)

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